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Eden's Moving Services employs professional, experienced and certified moving teams in the Denver Metro Area and the Front Range providing full-service assistance and support for residential and commercial moving, packing and storage. Take advatage of our affordable Denver movers with free packing and free estimates. We manage local and interstate moving all over the nation. Originating in Denver, we can offer helpful tips, advice, and resources to aid you in your transition to the mile high city. Although our facilities are headquartered in Denver, CO, we serve our clients nationally, and can provide services in any location. 

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Leaving on a Jet Plane: Long-Term Storage Tips from Your Colorado Moving Team

March 6, 2019

Traveling is always exciting, but what happens when you decide to take a long vacation or transition from your 9 to 5 and travel the world while working from your laptop? You’ll need to find a way to keep your belongings safe and secure until you come back home. For most people, leaving valuables in their house or apartment just isn’t an option. 

And while you can always hire an experienced moving company to take your stuff to a friend or relative’s house, it’s tough to find someone willing to watch your belongings. Long-term storage is the perfect solution. Here are a few simple tips to help.

Always Declutter First
Storage solutions are often priced based on the size of the unit you rent. The more stuff you have, the larger unit you’ll need. Before you start packing for your trip, start decluttering your belongings. Look for items you haven’t used in more than a year and get rid of them. Host a garage sale to get rid of the junk you don’t want. The more stuff you get rid of, the easier it will be to move into a storage unit.

Pack Boxes Properly
No one likes packing up. But it’s an important part of your long-term storage strategy. Instead of shoving everything into boxes without care, take the time to organize. Pack like items together and label the boxes thoroughly. This will make it easier to find the items you need quickly when you get back. Remember to wrap fragile items with enough padding and consider packing them in sturdy plastic bins instead of cardboard. Cardboard crushes under heavy weight, putting your items at risk.

Invest in Storage Insurance
When your stuff is safe in your house or apartment, your homeowners’ coverage and renters’ insurance will cover the cost of repairs or replacements. But those policies may not extend to your storage unit. Make sure to purchase storage insurance to keep your stuff safe. This way, if anything happens to the facility or your unit gets broken into, you won’t be stuck paying out-of-pocket for replacement items.

Wrap Furniture the Right Way
Bubble wrap is cool, but it’s not always the best way to protect your furniture. In fact, it can trap moisture between the layers and, over time, cause your furniture to mildew or mold. Instead, cover furniture with cotton blankets or sheets. These allow the materials to breathe and lets moisture evaporate before it can do damage. If you do use plastic, wrap it loosely so air can still circulate between the sheet and the furniture.

Work with an Experienced Storage Team
Long-term storage solutions require more than just a place to stash your stuff. You need to find a secure facility that monitors your belongings and makes sure they’re safe and sound when you get back from your travels. Instead of going with the first company you find, do your research and work with an experienced storage facility. 

At Eden’s Moving and Storage, we’ll help you keep your stuff safe whether you’re gone for a month or a year. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

4 Tips From Denver Movers to Help Get Oversized Furniture Into Your New Home

February 27, 2019

Moving is a challenge, even when you have an experienced Colorado moving company helping transport your stuff. There’s so much to pack up and prepare before they arrive. Even when you’re well-organized and ready for the big day, something is guaranteed to slip your mind. And for many people, that one thing is the size of their furniture. Sure, it fit through the door of your current home, but what do you do if it’s too big for your new house? Here are a few tips to help you avoid the stress of trying to squeeze oversized furniture through a tiny doorway.

Measure Before You Move
Once you find a house, you’ll want to take the time to measure the doorways and hallways. Then, check those measurements against the size of your furniture. If some items are too big, you may want to consider selling or donating them before moving in. If they can’t fit comfortably inside your new home, you won’t enjoy having them anyway.

Disassemble What You Can
Believe it or not, most furniture can easily be disassembled, even if you bought it as a prebuilt piece. This makes it easier and smaller to move in the first place. If the furniture is too large for your new doorways, take it apart before the movers come. Take pictures of what you’re doing every step of the way. This will make putting it back together much easier and faster. As an added bonus, disassembling those oversized pieces will also reduce the risk of scuffs and scratches on the furniture and your new walls. 

Maneuver It Around
Sometimes, all it takes to get a large piece of furniture through a smaller opening is changing the way you’re lifting it. Try tilting it, standing the furniture on end, and even turn it upside down. These different angles often make large pieces of furniture more maneuverable. If you’re moving items around the house on your own, you’ll want to get help from your friends or family. But if you hire movers, they’ll be able to handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Remove the Door
Doors always get in the way when you’re trying to move large items inside. And if the furniture is only slightly too big to squeeze through the door, taking it off the hinges can give you the room you need. Grab a screwdriver and remove the door in question. If the furniture fits, leave it off the hinges until the truck is unloaded. If it doesn’t, try going through the backdoor. Sliding glass doors and backdoors are often wider and make it easier to get large furniture inside.

Regardless of what you’re trying to move, it’s always easier if you have an experienced moving company on your side. Let our fully licensed and insured team get your belongings where they need to go safely and quickly. We’ll treat your stuff as if it were our own and will do everything we can to make sure your move is as seamless as possible. Schedule an estimate today.

Denver Movers Share 4 Tips for Taking Stress Out of the House Hunt

February 20, 2019

Moving is stressful, even with the help of an experienced Colorado moving company. But it’s far easier than finding the perfect place to call home. House hunting takes patience, determination, and some incredibly long hours. But with the right strategy in place, you’ll be able to take the stress out of finding your new house or apartment. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind.

If You’re Buying, Get Pre-Approved
No matter where you move in Colorado, you know that the  housing market moves quickly. You need to be ready to make an offer as soon as you decide that you like a certain property. The best way to do this is to get preapproved for a mortgage before you even start looking at homes. Once you’re preapproved, you’ll know exactly how much house you can afford and will be able to put an offer on a property the second you’re sure it’s the right one. No more missing out on homes means less stress during the house hunt. 

Create a List of Must-Haves
Think about the types of amenities your dream home has. Create a list of these items and then take a deep breath. Realistically, you’re not going to find that picture-perfect home. But you can come close. From the list of dream amenities, make a note of the features that you absolutely can’t live without. Every property you consider should, at very least, have the items on this list. If it doesn’t, it’s not worth looking at. Once you’re in a house that has all of your must-have items, you can start adding the features you want from your dream list.

Get Help from a Pro
Realtors and property management companies are a great resource for finding the perfect home. They know what’s available in the parts of town you’re interested in and understand how to work within a budget. Instead of going it alone and relying on apartment rental websites or online house listings, work with a professional. They’ll arrange tours, find out details on each property, and help you avoid seeing units that just aren’t worth your time.

Try to Have an Open Mind
When you move, all of your décor and furnishings will go with you. The same holds true for the items in every house you see. So, when you tour properties, try to keep an open mind and see the house behind the furnishings. Even if the decorations, furniture, and window treatments are not your style, the house might be perfect. Try to picture your items inside every home you tour and be willing to see units you think might not be ideal. You never know what you’ll find and you might just end up loving a property you were less than thrilled to tour. 

Once you find the right home, contact Eden’s Moving Services. We’ll help you move your belongings to your new house, condo, apartment, or cabin quickly and affordably. Schedule your free estimate today and see the difference that an experienced moving company can make in de-stressing your move.

How Many Boxes Do You Need for Your Colorado Moving Adventure?

February 13, 2019

Moving is the perfect time to downsize your home. But after you host that garage sale and donate unwanted items, you still need to pack up the items you plan on keeping. If you’re like most people, deciding how many boxes you need to have on hand can be tough. After all, the last thing you want to do is be unprepared when the moving company arrives. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding how many boxes to stock up on.

How Long Have You Lived in Your Home?
The longer you’ve lived in the same place, the more stuff you’ve probably accumulated. This means you’ll need more boxes to pack everything up safely and securely. Think about how many years you’ve lived in your house. Then consider how often you go through your stuff and get rid of items you no longer use. The longer it’s been, the more boxes and packing supplies you’ll want to pick up before you start packing. 

How Many Rooms Do You Need to Pack Up?
The total number of boxes you’ll want to have on hand will largely depend on how many rooms you have in your house. More rooms means the potential for more possessions. As a general rule, studio and one-bedroom apartments will use between 10 and 30 boxes. Two-bedroom homes and larger will need between 15 and 25 boxes for each room. It’s best to have more boxes than you need just to help you avoid overloading each box. 

What Sizes Do You Need?
Boxes come in all shapes and sizes from small book boxes to large appliance and wardrobe boxes. Though it might seem tempting to stock up on a few larger boxes to minimize the number you have to pack up, don’t. Overloading large boxes can make them almost impossible to move on and off the truck. The last thing you want to do is strain your back in the middle of a move. Instead, consider purchasing more small boxes than larger ones. This will make moving easier both for you and your moving company.

Where Are You Moving?
When you’re moving across town, you can take multiple small loads in your car. The more loads you take, the fewer boxes you’ll need. If you have plastic storage totes, these can make containing those small loads easy. As an added bonus, you can reuse them throughout the move to further decrease the number of boxes you’ll need. But if you’re moving out-of-state, you’ll want to purchase more boxes. Remember, if you can’t haul it yourself, it needs to survive the trip on a moving truck. Buying more boxes means more space to pad fragile items to reduce the risk of damage in transit.

Want a professional opinion on how many boxes you’ll need? Schedule a free moving estimate with our experienced team. And if you want help packing up your home, we’re proud to offer professional packing services. We’ll make sure your belongings get where they need to go safely. 

Things Your Colorado Moving Team Wants You to Do Immediately At Your New Home

January 30, 2019

When you move to a new house, there’s more to worry about than just your belongings. Once your Denver movers arrive and unload the truck, you’ll be busy unpacking and getting to know your new home. That’s why it’s always important to take care of a few little things before the moving truck arrives. Here are a few of the most important tasks to take care of as soon as you arrive at your family’s new home.

Inspect the House for Damage

Ideally, you’ll get to the house before the moving truck and that means you’ll have a chance to inspect the house before your belongings arrive. Walk through the house and check for any issues or problems that may have happened after you closed on the property. Without the distraction of furniture and boxes, you’ll have the opportunity to look for damage that might otherwise be hidden by the rest of your home’s furnishings. If you notice anything wrong, make a note of it and call the appropriate repair expert as soon as possible. 

Move Boxes to the Right Parts of the House

No matter how carefully you direct the moving company, boxes will always end up in the wrong part of the house. Once everything is unloaded from the truck, check the boxes in each room. Move the ones that are out of place to the appropriate room. This will make unpacking easier and helps you stay organized throughout the process. Remember, the fewer loose items you have to move while you’re unpacking, the faster you’ll be settled into your new house. 

Make Beds a Priority

Everyone needs to sleep, especially after moving to a new home. Once the truck leaves, make the beds your first priority. Set up bed frames and unpack bedding before starting on the rest of the house. Once you’ve spent a few hours unpacking, you’ll be too tired to deal with making the bed. Best of all, if the bed is already made, you’ll be able to crash as soon as the urge strikes. 

Be Patient

Unpacking takes time and the last thing anyone wants is to feel rushed after a long move. Take your time and don’t be afraid to take breaks when you feel you need to. Prioritize items that you need immediately like dishes, toiletries, clothing, and entertainment items. Once those are unpacked, you can start working on other boxes. If it takes you a while to get through the rest of your belongings, don’t panic. Be patient, take a deep breath, and go box by box. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and reduce the likelihood that you’ll misplace items as you unpack in a hurry.

Whether you’re moving a short distance or cross-country, it’s always a good idea to work with an experienced moving company. At Eden’s Moving Services, our experienced team will take care of your belongings as if they were our own. Contact us today to schedule a free no-obligation estimate for your upcoming move.