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How Movers in Denver Can Help Make Your Long Distance Move Safe

March 1, 2017

When it comes to a long-distance move, safety should be a top priority. From everyone traveling with you to the items packed, it’s important to make sure the trip is a safe one. From preparing for a long drive on the roads and managing your pets to benefits of help from a moving company, there much to consider. 

Preparing for a Drive

Spending hours on the road can be a tiring feat. It is easy to become too comfortable and let your guard down. It can also be stressful when you have a packed car and may be driving for hours. It’s important to prepare for the drive to your new home. First, learn the route you are going to take and see if there will be any hazards along the way. For instance, there may be inclement weather or road construction. Next, prepare a safety kit. This will include items in a first-aid kit (Band-Aids, ointments, gauze, etc.), road flares, jumper cables, power banks for cell phones and more. Read how to create your own roadside emergency kit from Edmunds for more. Next, make sure your vehicle is ready for the drive. Get it checked out and make sure all the essential fluids are full.  

Car Pet Safety

Long car rides can be especially stressful times for pets. There are some things you can do to make this time as easy as you can. First, prior to your move, make sure they are updated on all vaccines and have collars with contact information. If they aren’t microchipped, it is ideal to have one inserted in case they get out and their collar is lost. While you are at your vet, talk to them about ways you can make a trip better for your pet. For instance, cats may benefit from a calming spray or dogs may have anxiety relieved by wearing a Thunder Shirt. If you will be stopping overnight, it is important to make arrangements ahead of time with a pet-friendly hotel. During your drip, make sure to take breaks to give them food, water and snacks. Be sure to have some of their favorite things on-hand to make them feel safe.

Utilizing Services of a Company

There is a lot to plan for with a move and even more for a long distance once. If there are any ways you can make your trip easier, you can utilize the services of a moving company. This will allow you to focus on getting family and pets to the new location while the movers are focusing on keeping your valuables safe during transit. When taking advantage of their expertise, the process will be streamlined. A mover will also help you unpack and provide several different services to make the move as stress-free as possible.

Be sure to check out these Denver moving company tips for long distance moves to make your upcoming move less stressful. For help with your trip, contact the experts at Eden’s Moving Services. From packing and storage to long distance services, we have you covered. Contact Eden’s Moving Services today to get started on your quote.