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Caring for Your Fashionable Clothing and Accessories During a Move from Movers in Denver

February 22, 2017

When it comes to your beloved fashion items, you want to make sure they safely make it through a move. From purses and accessories to shoes and coats, use these tips from movers in Denver to care for your valuables before, during and after your move!


During a move, it can be easy for purses, wallets, totes, clutches, etc. to get smashed into bags or boxes. In many instances this can damage or even ruin those items. One of the best ways to pack these items so they stay safe are in boxes. When packing these items, keep their shape intact by stuffing them with packing paper. That way if pressure is applied to them, it helps them not to get too weighed down. If you purchased a designer bag, in many cases it came with a separate bag to put it in. If you still have that, use it to store the purse while in the box it’s packed in. If any of your purses are leather, be sure to keep them in dry environments as humid atmospheres can damage their quality. Moving is also a great time to clean your purses. Learn best practices in Martha Stewart’s Handbag Cleaning 101--Plus, Hot Handbags to Buy and Make.


Shoes are another item that requires much caution and care during a move. If a large box or object sits on a pair of shoes for too long, the weight can ruin the quality of the shoes. Similar to purses, before packing shoes, put packing paper inside them. This will help them hold their shape. If you have boots, you may want to invest in boot shapers, especially if you have tall ones. If packing all of your shoes in a box, make sure the heavier shoes go on the bottom of the box. When finished, extra packing materials (i.e. paper or packing peanuts) into the box to help them from moving. Also, if you save shoe boxes, that is another way to safety move them. Also, before or after your move is a great time to clean your shoes.


A coat is very much needed in Denver in the winter, so you want to be sure they safely make it through a move! First, many types of coats and jacket types will become damaged if left in humid environments. Make sure as you store and move coats that they are always in dry areas. Next, one of the most convenient ways to move coats (and clothes, too) is with wardrobe boxes. You can hang your clothes in them and they will stay protected in the box as they include a rod for you to put your clothes on. If you prefer not to use a wardrobe box, you can leave coats on hangers and protect them by placing a trash bag over them. Make sure your coats do not get smashed by placing them towards the top of a moving truck.

To make sure all of your valuables are safely moved, you can trust Eden’s Moving Services to do the job. From packing to moving, we have a variety of services to help your move seamless. Be sure to read these additional tips on how to keep your fragile items safe while moving from Denver movers and get a moving estimate online today!