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​Tips for Settling into a New Home from your Moving Company in Denver

February 15, 2017

Moving into a new home is an exciting time and yet it can be stressful. Really, it can be what you make it if you are prepared. As you prepare for an upcoming move, try these tips to settle into your new home from your moving company in Denver. From unpacking and address changes to learning about your new area, you can make a smooth seamless with these ideas.

Ways to Unpack

Before moving into the new house, one of the best things you can do is clean. This will make sure there is no dirt or germs left over from the previous tenants and will give you a new, fresh start. When it comes to the unpacking, make it fun! Put on some music, or if everyone helping has different tastes, make sure everyone has a pair of headphones. Bluetooth headphones make it easy while on-the-go. As you work to unpack, put out some of the most commonly used items first that you may need throughout the day such as food, drinks or toiletries. Have unpacking tools accessible, such as box cutters or trash bags. For more ideas, read Apartment Therapy’s Setting Up Home: Tips for Unpacking and Settling In.

Address Changes

Changing your address can be one of the more tedious parts of a move. To make it easier, months before your scheduled move, start to make a list as bills are due and when mail comes in. Also be sure to note any subscription services too. Next, think about all the places you go, such as your doctor, dentist, vet, etc. You can contact them shortly before your move so they are able to update you in the system. However, we are human and it might seem impossible to remember everything. That’s what USPS’ Change of Address is for! It can be done all online for just $1. You enter in your start date and they will make sure to forward all mail to your new address. You can also update an entire family all in one place if everyone has the same last name.

Become Familiar with the Area

When settling into a new home, you are also settling into a new area. While you may have driven by your new place several times, take some time before your more to know your way around, especially for places you may need to run to during your move for necessities. For instance, know where your local home goods, grocery and drug stores are. Next, find a few places around where you might need to grab a quick bite to eat. Yelp is a great app to download to your smartphone or tablet to search for things around you. In case of an emergency, is it also beneficial to learn the surrounding streets as well in case you need to explain directions to someone. As you get more settled, you can begin to learn more about some of the things you can do for fun, schools, and more.

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