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​Avoiding an Injury While Moving from Your Moving Company in Denver

January 25, 2017

Moving is not usually a task people look forward to, but often forget how much of a physical workout it can be. With the physical labor required to move, it can be easy to become injured if you do not act with caution. The last thing you want while settling in a new home is to deal with pain due to improper form or poor posture. When moving, be sure to prepare and handle tasks with caution with these tips from your moving company in Denver.

Lift properly

One of the leading reasons people become injured while moving is improper lifting techniques. It can be easy to lift items and boxes by bending at your waist, holding legs in an improper position, lifting items too quickly or lifting items that are too heavy. When lifting, it is important to always bend with your knees. If you avoid this, you will reduce the risk of back injury. Also, be sure to hold boxes and anything else you are carrying close to your waist. If you pick up a box or piece of furniture and notice something does not feel right, do not adjust in the moment. Put the item down, adjust, then try again. The last thing you need is to drop something on yourself that may strain muscles or even break a finger.

Avoid back strain

Tying into lifting properly, posture is everything. When you do not have proper posture packing, lifting, walking, etc., you could be causing added strain on your back. This is unneeded and can be quite painful! In some cases, the strain may cause discomfort while others can cause injury. Mixing poor posture over long durations of time is never good. Always remember to keep your head straight and avoid slouching your head down leading to the top part of your back to protrude. When walking, be sure to always look ahead. There are many ways to ensure you have proper posture. Read more in The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture.


Outside elements can cause things to happen that may seem out of your control. Snow and ice may lead to slippery sidewalks while rain can also lead to slips and falls. In the summer, over working it during extreme head can lead to exhaustion. First and foremost, it is important to dress for the weather. Under dressing in the winter can lead you to not only freeze, but may lead you to take certain actions more quickly on your way into the heat. A lack of attention may lead to a slip, fall or strain. It is also important to use caution when driving in inclement weather. In addition to wearing proper clothing, make sure you wear gloves with a grip in the in winter to avoid boxes or furniture from falling.

One of the best ways to move safely is to get help! When it comes to Denver moving company advice, move yourself or hire movers? Hiring movers can help you move safely and avoid injury. From moving to packing services, Eden’s Moving Services can help with all aspects of a move. Contact Eden’s Moving Services today at 877-887-8248 to get a quote and learn how we can help make your next move a seamless one.