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​Moving for Work in 2017? Considerations and How Denver Movers Can Help

January 18, 2017

Whether you are considering a move for work, or are required to for your current position, there are some key considerations to think about. From initial preparations and tax benefits to getting help from Denver movers, there is much to be done. However, if you plan ahead and take things step by step, you can make the move seamless! Learn some of the ways to make your move an easy one, as well as some benefits along the way.


If you’re moving for a job, it can mean to the next town over or across the country. Once you have made the decision to move, begin educating yourself about the area and contact a realtor there. Obviously the home search won’t be as easy as it would be if you lived in town. During your home search process, consider starting online and then researching each area. Once you have some areas picked out, plan on visiting them to see where you would fit in. Think about the housing prices in each area and plan accordingly. If you can’t take a trip, entrust the help of a friend or realtor in the area. Learn more about How To Buy a House in Another City.

Tax Benefits

Did you know there are tax benefits to moving for work? If you meet certain requirements, you can write off your move for work. The first requirement is distance. If your new job is 50 miles or more away from your location (old location if you have already moved), you have passed the first requirement. The second requirement is time. To claim a move on your taxes you must have been in the new area for at least 39 weeks. If you meet these two requirements, and can prove the move was for work (usually because the time is close), you can deduct parts of your move on your taxes like the cost of moving your belongings to the new area, travel costs, hotels stay and storage needs. For more information, read more about moving expenses from the IRS.

Using the Help of Movers

When moving to a new city, utilize the help of a moving company to make the situation way less stressful. From packing services to handling moving your belongings miles away, it is one phone call you will be glad you made. Choose a mover that excels in long distance moves, that way you will know your belongs will arrive safely. They can handle all the heavy lifting so you focus on getting settled in the new area.

For more information, learn more about Denver moving company tips for long distance moves. When ready to schedule your next move, contact Eden’s Moving Services. Our long distance residential moving services will help you make your move go as smoothly as possible and stress free. We have years of experience with both long and short distance moving and are a leader in our industry. Call us toll free at 877-887-8248 to speak to one of our team members.