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On a Budget? Packing and Moving Tips from Denver Movers

January 11, 2017

Moving can be costly, especially around the holidays. It can be hard to juggle everything at once. However, moving does not have to be unreasonably expensive. There are many things you can do to get to your new home without breaking the bank. Try some of these packing and moving tips from Denver movers to help you make your next move an affordable one.

Boxes and packing:

Nothing beats free (or close to it), right? With a little bit of effort and asking around, you can find some of the resources you need for free. First, let’s start with boxes. Check with your employer or other local businesses (potentially ones you are a familiar customer with) to see if you can take any of their left-over boxes off their hands. Businesses often break down boxes from incoming shipments that are thrown away. Next, some items you may have to purchase. For items like packing tape, labeling markers, stickers, box cutting knives, etc., visit your local dollar store. There is no sense in spending a lot of money on supplies that you will only need for the move. You can also ask around with friends, family or co-workers to see if they have any supplies that you can have or borrow. For the contents of your boxes, you can pack items using newspaper to cut costs. You can also use towel and clothing as barriers to optimize packing space. For a detailed list of packing needs, read Livability’s Must-Have Packing and Moving Supplies Checklist.

Working with a mover:

Working with a moving company can still work on a budget. Contact your local mover to get a quote on what you need. They provide services from packing to moving. Work with them on your needs to find what works with your budget. You can always cut in certain areas. You can also ask the moving company if certain days or times are more cost effective than others. By utilizing the services of a mover, you can expedite the moving process. They are quick and are trained to safely move your valuables and belongings, which will save items from breaking, have all essential moving equipment, cut costs if they can move you in one day and much more.


When moving, don’t forget that you must cancel utilities and start them for your new place. By working with the utility companies, you can schedule to have things switched at or around the same time so you do not have to pay for resources you are not using. If you take time off during work, you can work with both companies if you need to be available for them to be turned on. When getting new utilities, such as internet or cable, work with the company to get a discount. This will help you cut costs on monthly bills.

To help you with your move, be sure to check out Colorado moving companies’ moving out checklist. For great pricing and assistance with your move, contact Eden’s Moving Services. Our team will work with you around your budget. Eden’s Moving Services provides free moving estimates, so be sure to get yours today!