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Denver Moving Tips: Steps to Packing Your Garage to Relocate

December 21, 2016

Thinking about relocating to a new city? Sometimes thinking about packing and moving all of your stuff can make it seem like moving is the easier option especially with packing up your garage or tool shed. The place where many things go to collect dust, when you just aren’t sure if you should keep it or recycle the item. Even though the garage is meant for car storage, many people use it for all their stuff such as lawn equipment, motorized toys, gym equipment, yard tools, car tools and the list goes on. The garage is the place to toss things that the homeowner is not sure where to put leaving the space cluttered and disorganized. Here are some tips from your Denver moving company in order to get organized for your relocation.

Remove the Clutter

Before the move, get rid of the clutter. Begin by safely disposing of pesticides, oil, old cans of paint, gas, and fertilizers. You can drop these off at the hazardous waste location within your city. Most cities offer this drop off service. It is important not to discard it in a regular trash or it could end up in the water source or landfill, which is extremely harmful to the environment and the health of your neighbors. Learn more about how to recycle and dispose of garage items.

Throw Out or Tape Down

Throw out, give to your neighbor or recycle any building materials, scrap lumber, and miscellaneous items you kept to use one day. You probably won’t need to take cans of paint, wood stain, paint thinner, or varnish with you, but if you do package them in a box with each other and tape the lids down very tightly and use plastic to wrap these items to prevent spillage or leaking smells.

The Nuts and Bolts

There is a good enough chance that you have bolts, screws, and nails in your garage if you have ever tackled a home improvement project. Store these in a sealed container and secure the container. If you weren’t as organized in the past, it’s a good idea to purchase some organization tools and begin being organized. The worst feeling is to show up at your new place with everything disorganized and throw together.

The Tools

A garage may store hand tools such as pliers, hammers, and screwdrivers. These should be put in a toolbox and secured. If you have no toolbox, then put them in a cardboard box and tape the box securely. Before putting the tools away, though, tape up the front of all sharp tools like chisels, hand saws, and planers. This will protect the blades. You could also use old socks or old rags as sleeves for these hand tools. Big cutting tools such as drills, circular saws, and routers have to be wrapped up tightly in newspaper and then placed in a cardboard box.

Lawn Mowers

If you own a lawn mower, for extreme safety, it is important to empty any fuel inside of it. Tape up all blades for added protection or remove them entirely.

As you can see, packing up your garage can be a very time consuming and dirty job. If you need help, call your local Denver moving company and ask for a free consultation. Eden’s Moving has the resources and tools available to assist you with your move. Call 877-887-8248 for a free estimate and to discuss your moving needs.