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Top 3 Tips for Organization During Your Des Moines Move

Organization is possible when moving in Des Moines, and there are 3 main things to keep in mind to actually keep your mind intact. Your movers can help maintain your sanity and strength during this transition.
Here are 3 tips for maintaining organization and ensuring a smooth move:
  1. Moving List: You must have an outline of what needs to be done before your move. This step is exceedingly important for a successful move. Sit down far enough in advance of your move so you can walk through things step-by-step without becoming overwhelmed. Cover all aspects of the move, including cleaning of your home post-pack, necessary changes to be made to addresses, as well as setting up services at your new home.
  2. Calendar Dates: Create “checkpoints” on your calendar for major dates to remember. Some of these might include bills, dates that services will be shut off or turned on, when you are two weeks out from your move, one week out, as well as dates to begin gathering supplies for the move-in.
  3. Photos: Take photos of your setup before you pack it all up. This will help you remember the way the bookcase is organized or what decorations went where. Once everything is in boxes, it will be hard to remember exactly how it sets back up, and without instructions, photos will help ease your mind and stress a bit.Follow these tips to ensure an organized move.

Contact your Des Moines moving company for advice and recommendations for organization of your home during a move.