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Tips to Make It Through a Winter Move from Denver Movers

December 14, 2016

Planning a move this winter and dreading it? Denver gets a lot of  snow in the winter, with an average of 56 inches per year! This doesn’t hinder people from moving and it shouldn’t stop you. If you are on the hunt to find a new home, some of the best deals can be during the winter. With a little extra preparedness and patience, you can make a winter move a breeze. Try these tips from Denver movers to ensure your move is a success.

Think ahead

The best thing you can do when moving during inclement weather is be prepared! If utilizing a moving service, be in touch to make sure you both are on the same page. Next, make sure everything is set with the electrical and utility companies in your new home. In cold weather, you will want to make sure your heat is working and lights turn on. Stop by the house the night before to make sure everything is working correctly and the house is warm. Bring over the essentials you may need. If there are appliances in your new home, bring food and snacks so you don’t have to make extra trips. Then for the day of the move, dress for the weather. Find something comfortable but warm to wear. Hand and toe warmers are a great addition to anyone’s moving attire in the winter.

Protect Your Home from the Elements

During a move when snow, ice and other natural elements are on the ground, it is easy to track it in on boxes, shoes, etc. For each entry and exit point at both locations, set up an area with mats and floor coverings to wipe off shoes, set down boxes, etc. This will keep the wet snow and dirt from mixing and ruining carpets, floors and more. Keep towels handy in the area too to wipe down items or boxes, and have a safe space to hang coats and other clothing. This way you won’t have to lay them down and get parts of the home damp if it is snowing outside. It is also helpful to clear as much snow as you can outside in driveways and sidewalks.

Board Pets and Find a Babysitter

If you have pets, see if a friend or family member can watch them to keep them away from the commotion. They may also track in a lot of dirt and mud—so it is best to have someone watch them or board them to keep things under control. If you have small children, it may be helpful to find a sitter for the day. It is hard to keep an eye on them and get boxes in and unpacked.

For more ideas, read U.S. News, 6 Tips for Moving During the Winter. If you are looking for a seamless move, you can count on Eden’s Moving Services to help! We will make sure you get from your old home to new one safely in any weather. Read more on winter moves in our guide to planning your Colorado move and handling the colder climate. Our movers will be with you every step of the way - see our customer testimonial below and give us a call at 877-887-8248 to get started!