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What to Do the Night Before Your Colorado Moving Trip

December 7, 2016

Moving day is a busy day. One that most dread, but it does not have to be that way! With great preparation and the use of a good Colorado moving company, you can make it a great day. One of the best things you can do is prepare the night before and get plenty of rest. Here are some things you can do the night before your move to make the next day better.

Pack The Essentials

The night before your move, it can be helpful to pack a bag of essentials to have with you. This will include items you may need that night too, such as hair brushes, tooth brushes, tooth paste, cell phone chargers, shower essentials and more. It can also be helpful to have a couple extra pairs of clothes just in case. If the weather is cold, make sure you have plenty of layers available. Next, think about the items that you could drop off to your new home. This can include food and drink. By having these essentials there, it will save time the next day from having to pick up food. Make sure the food choices you make for your move don’t slow you down. Check out Everyday Health’s, 10 Healthy Foods that Boost Energy for items to keep readily available.

Rest and Relax

As the days leading up to your move become less and less, make sure you plan for plenty of rest the night before. Work with those who are also packing to have everything ready to go the afternoon before your move. This will allow you to have an evening to rest and relax. In this preparation, make sure all essentials are with you or delivered to your new home. Contact the utility company early to make sure lights and electricity will be working the next day. As for the night before your move, make sure you eat a healthy meal. By eating something greasy or packed with calories can leave you sluggish the next day. Also, try to get eight hours of sleep.

Final Look Through

Before you take some time to relax, do a final walk through of your current home. Make sure to check every cabinet and drawer to make sure you packed everything. From high to low, it is best to walk through very carefully to make sure nothing has been missed. Don’t forget to check in sheds or garages as well.
As you prepare for a move, be sure to check out these Denver moving day essentials. These will help you prepare for the day of your move. The more you can plan for a move, the better. For help with your move, Eden’s Moving Services can help. Our team of professional and experienced moving teams provide full-service moving help from the move itself to packing and storage. Whether you are moving within the Denver area or long-distance, we can help. Contact Eden’s Moving Services today at 877-887-8248 to see how we can make your move as seamless as possible.