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Denver Moving Company Tips for Long Distance Moves

November 30, 2016

No matter your reason for relocating out of state, long distance moves are challenging. It's like taking a local move and multiplying it times 50. However, when you are fully prepared, it can be much easier. Long distance moves can be especially stressful for those moving alone. For more information about moving by yourself, check out our post: Moving Alone? Tips to Prepare and how Denver Movers Can Help. No matter if you are moving alone or with your family, if you prepare ahead of time, the move can be easier and simpler. As your premier Denver movers, we offer these tips that can make your long distance relocation process more enjoyable.

Make A Trip Out of It

Instead of going directly from one house to the next, spend some time on the road, see the country, and make an adventure of it. Research different routes and stop at tourist attractions along the way. Consider kitsch-y stops, for instance, like the world's largest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas. A road trip is a rite of passage for many people – including families – and your move is the perfect excuse to take a sightseeing tour.
If you’re going to be on the road for a few days, don't fill your car with too many belongings. It can be uncomfortable – and even dangerous – to drive if you’re cramped and can't see out. Additionally, it can be dangerous to leave your (obvious) possessions unattended in hotel parking lots. Consider hiring us to transport your necessities to keep them safe.

Consolidate Your Belongings

When you are moving out of state, it's a perfect opportunity to discard older items and upgrade. It also means you don't have to worry about moving everything. For instance, consider having a new television delivered to your new residence so that you don’t have to move your old one. Start fresh in your new state and home by getting some new things once you're in the new place.

Prepare for Culture Change

Prepare yourself and your family, ahead of time, for culture shock. No two places are exactly alike when it comes to their cultures – especially if you are moving far from your old home. Research your new state’s well-known cultural aspects so you’re prepared for the changes from your current surroundings.

Once you get to your new place, it can be difficult for you and your children to make new friends if you spend all of your time unpacking. Research local events near your new residence, take a break from moving, and introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Meeting new people can make a move more enjoyable and exciting – rather than anxiety provoking.

Whether you're moving a short or long distance we understand that the moving process can be stressful. Eden's Moving Services has provided years of great customer satisfaction and employs the best packers and movers in Denver metro area. We provide short and long distance moves at competitive and affordable rates. Call us for a quote at 720-370-3455 or toll free at 1-877-887-8248.