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Colorado Moving in Autumn - The Best Time to Move

November 23, 2016

If you have some flexibility in selecting your Denver moving dates, there are several advantages to the Fall season that can actually make it the most ideal time of year to relocate. Summer being the most popular time of year to move, can be more costly so you may want to avoid moving then, therefore read more to learn about the many benefits to moving during Fall that you may not have thought about.

More Cost-Effective

Fall is the best time of year to move, because it is more cost-effective. You’ll have more control over dates and times, since schedules aren’t as full. Summer is peak moving season, and therefore much busier. Demand decreases after the summer moving season tapers off in September, and you’ll find it easier to secure moving services at great rates and to fit your own moving schedule.  

Fall Weather Has It’s Benefits

Move in July and you’ll be soaked with sweat after the first trip from truck to house and back, but move in the Fall and you’ll enjoy crisp air and a fresh breeze to keep you cool throughout the day. Summer may have more reliable sunny days but that’s not always the case in Denver. Fall’s cooler temperatures make for much more pleasant moving conditions. The process will also be more efficient, since you won’t be exhausted by the heat and dragging your feet before mid-afternoon. 
Make sure to clear leaves off the lawn and walkways before your movers start loading and unloading the truck, because Fall foliage will make your moving day a beautiful one, but leaves on the ground can be a safety hazard when you’re lugging heavy boxes and furniture up and down the walkway. A slip and fall could result in damage to your possessions.

What About the Kids

If you have kids, the primary downside to moving during the Fall is missing the start of the school year. Contact the new school to request any assignments or material they can work on in the meantime, so they are up to speed when they arrive. Plan ahead so as to make this transition as easy as possible for both the school and your children.
As beautiful as Fall is, the Colorado weather can be unpredictable. Be prepared to postpone moving day if the weather turns, which could pose a risk – for you, the movers, and your possessions. Make sure to pick out a few alternate days that might work out for you and your family.
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