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Denver Moving Company’s Advice on Downsizing Before Your Move

November 16, 2016

If you’re moving or if you’ve ever moved before, you don’t really notice all the things you have until it’s time to move, am I right? The best time to purge and declutter your life is during a move, that way, you avoid packing and unpacking junk that you really don’t use anymore. Follow these guidelines from your premier Denver moving company to lighten your load, and getting rid of the goods may help you pay for your moving expenses.

When you’re preparing to pack make a space for four piles: keep, donate, trash and sell. It may be difficult to make everything fit into one of these four categories but you will definitely thank us later.

Start with the Bathroom

The bathroom is a small space to start with to help get you in the groove of using the pile system. It’s easy to get rid of clutter in the bathroom so we suggests starting there. Combine duplicate bottles of shampoo and soaps. Discard and old, expired pill bottles and lotions. Keep the cleaning supplies around for a thorough clean, once you’ve moved everything out.

Move to the Kitchen

Next, tackle the kitchen. Here, you will likely come across a lot of random junk, including that pair of missing keys you were looking for in January, and several half-used notepads. Think about what you really use to cook and bake. Donate extra pots, pans, tupperware and those old plates. Think about giving away cans and boxes of food to your local shelter. You can always purchase new grocery items when you are in your new neighborhood.

Next is the Living Room

When packing the living room, put all the old magazines into recycling. Think about the furniture you have, will it all fit into your new place? Looking to upgrade? Sell your old stuff before you pay to transport it to your new home. Make sure you clean and vacuum any rugs you have before rolling them up and transporting them. You will be glad you have clean items moving into your new home.

Last is Your Bedroom

The most exciting and most difficult room to tackle is your bedroom. When it comes to your bedroom, your closet is probably stuffed to the brim with stuff. Extra bedding, towels, luggage, shirts, shoes, pants and more. Take this time to go through these things and minimize! Think about which bedroom furniture you need to take to your new location. Using a 3rd party site to sell it on is an excellent option because the extra cash could help cover your moving costs.

Getting rid of belongings can be difficult, but the upside to living with less is you will feel lighter and more free. Plus it won’t be as stressful to pack up all of your belongings. When you’re ready to contact a moving company for a moving estimate, or call Eden’s Moving to speak to a representative. We can help get your move planned! Call us at 720-370-3455 or toll free at 1-877-887-8248.