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Planning Your Colorado Move and Handling the Colder Climate

November 9, 2016

Your Colorado moving decision could be dependent on an adjustment to the colder climate. This is especially true, if you have always lived in warmer climate year-round. How do you get prepared for your move to a new climate and for a cross-country relocation? Even moving to a city nearby can be quite challenging. Therefore, when you have to deal with a long distance move and a difference in climate, there is more for you to consider. Below are some things that you should think about.

Set a Budget

You should factor a good winter jacket or a snow blower into your budget. Set additional funds aside to reduce the sting of shelling out hundreds of dollars in buying new gear. You should prepare yourself in advance by creating a list of items that will be useful in managing the colder weather. On your list of things to buy, you should include necessary items such as a new sump pump, rain gear, leaf blower, or just winter clothes.

Anticipate Surprises

You should also anticipate the unexpected because you may not know exactly what you are getting into. Do your research to understand how the weather changes in Colorado during every season. The weather could possibly change by approximately 25 degrees from the morning to the afternoon. For that reason, you may need a coat in the morning, but as the weather warms up during the day, it may only require a hooded sweatshirt or no need for a coat at all. As the evening draws near, chances are you may have to reach for that coat again.

The Time Zone

You may also have to adjust the time zone when you move to Colorado. If you lived in an area where it was Eastern Standard Time, you will now have to make the necessary adjustments to Mountain Time zone for Colorado. For example, if you are a jogger who usually exercises after the children are in bed, you may benefit from an extra hour of daylight in Denver.

Talk to Your Mover

Believe it or not, a Colorado moving company will be able to answer questions concerning the local weather and what you should expect. Once you understand the changes in climate from where you now live to where you are relocating, it is time to discuss your moving needs with the mover. You should not wait until the last minute to start packing your possessions. A professional mover will provide all the packing materials that you will need.

What You Should Know

You will want to know the amount of snowfall to expect at different times during the winter months. You also want to know the types of clothing to wear as soon as the weather begins to change. A mover can also recommend the best time to move prior to the approaching winter or be your aid to get you through the snow. Therefore, your mover is a great source of information when in doubt.

Relocating to a new climate doesn’t have to be scary, even though, it may bring a chill. It can actually be really cooler than you anticipate. If you need to do business with one of the more experienced Denver Movers, rely on Eden’s long distance movers. Contact us today at 877-887-8248 for a free moving estimate.