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Colorado Moving Companies' Moving Out Checklist

October 26, 2016

When it’s time to move, it can feel overwhelming. There are just so many things that have to be done! It can feel like you’re heading into uncharted territory, and the closer it gets to your moving day, the more stressful it seems. Here at Eden’s Moving, we want your move to be stress-free and easy. So that’s why we’re giving you our moving tips checklist – to ease the transition.
  1. Rent a truck. Make sure you get one large enough, but not so large as to waste space. We operate a large fleet of moving trucks and trailers to make your pickup and delivery a timely, efficient and stress-free process.
  2. Change your address early. You can specify when you want the post office to make the change, so do it early to get it out of the way.
  3. Transfer utilities. Just like your mail, you can arrange all of your utilities in advance. Even if your move isn’t local, you can call ahead and make arrangements.
  4. Donate. Packing for a move is the perfect time to get rid of all those things you haven’t used since your last move. If you haven’t used it, and it has no great sentimental value, consider donating it.
  5. Pack early. It’s best to start packing way ahead of your moving date. Start with the things you don’t use on a daily basis and work your way down from there, saving the essentials for last. If you start early, you’ll have time to do it right instead of frantically tossing things in boxes at the last minute. At Denver’s premier moving service, we offer professional packing services to help you out.
  6. Let yourself run out of food. As your moving day approaches, eat what food you have, so that you don’t end up with a refrigerator full of food on moving day. This is especially important if your move isn’t local. You can pack the few remaining food items in a cooler.
  7. Plan your route. This applies mostly for long-distance moves. If you will be staying overnight along the way, make your reservations now. Pack travel bags for each family member and don’t forget to plan for pets.
  8. Repair and clean. Make minor repairs (holes from hanging pictures, etc.) now. Likewise, a good thorough cleaning will insure you get your security deposit back.
  9. Essential items. This includes medications, pet supplies, snacks, phone chargers, pillows, car games for the kids, etc. Keep all your important papers such as leases, insurance paperwork, truck rental documents, and moving company information in an envelope or folder for easy access.
  10. Hire a moving company to ease your mind. We are licensed, insured, and certified to make your move fast, efficient, safe, and hassle-free. We have all necessary permits and also comply with all moving regulations across state lines.
If you're getting ready to relocate, it's time to begin searching for free quotes. You can get started today by filling out the fast and easy quote form at Eden's Moving Services.