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Relocate Your Corporate Office with the Go-to Moving Company in Denver

October 5, 2016

Moving a corporate office requires a great deal of planning and time. Packing and relocating your office can even be more stressful than moving your family, because you may have less control over the logistics of the move and may experience pressure from superiors to ensure everything goes smoothly.

For your move to be cost-effective, you will want the process to be completed as soon as possible. When moving your corporate office, it's imperative to be prepared. The less organized your move, the more time it will take, with high potential for losses from being out of commission. Here are some things to consider:
  • To eliminate any issues when the movers are moving items like large desks and filing cabinets, visit the new location in advance to take measurements to create an accurate placement plan
  • Before you begin your relocation, have an illustrated floor plan of your new office and a designated place for every desk, piece of furniture, filing cabinet, and other equipment
  • Make copies of the placement plan and distribute them to everyone to eliminate confusion on moving day and ensure that every member of the office is prepared and organized during the relocation
  • Label all furniture and equipment to make it easier to transport everything to its appropriate location
Keeping your move time- and cost-efficient is easy with a task checklist. The sooner you begin to plan your move, the better – last-minute preparations create confusion and mishap, which leads to a longer relocation process and more lost money.

Some important things to include in your checklist are:
  • Set deadlines for each step in the moving process so that you can easily stay on track
  • Inform your employees of the move and their responsibilities, such as packing their own desks and work areas, etc.
  • Call all current service providers to set up your utilities, telephone, fax, internet, etc. at your new location
  • Be sure to arrange technical assistance for relocating equipment such as photocopiers and computer networks
  • Let your constituents, stakeholders, customers and clients know you are moving
Communication is key to keeping your office operations running smoothly after your relocation, so at least a month before the move, inform your customer base and post the details on your website and social media accounts. All vendor companies will need to be notified of your move – supply stores, internet providers, trash removal, etc. Employees should be informed of the move and their role as soon as possible – create a moving guide detailing the process for all employees.

Change the address on company checks, inform your credit card companies and any other financial institutions. Change your address, have your mail forwarded to your new office for several months, and purchase a red stamp that reads "Note New Address" for outgoing correspondence.

If your office will be undergoing a corporate relocation, it's time to begin searching for free quotes. You can get started today by filling out the fast and easy quote form at Eden's Moving Services. Contact us at 1-877-887-8248 at your earliest convenience. We’d love to assist with your next move.