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3 Tips for Making Your Cat’s Colorado Moving Experience Easy

August 17, 2016

Moving can be stressful, but especially for your  cats. Cats do not like change. Moving to a new environment is overwhelming for them. Make your Colorado moving experience a smooth one for your cat by planning ahead. It may take them some time to adjust and they might be scared. Keep these tips in mind when moving to make it a pleasant experience for you and your family.

1. Preparing a Cat for The Move: Before your move, help your cat by introducing them to the move. The first way you can do this is to keep their carrier out in the open. This will allow your cat to get comfortable with the carrier. It will also make it a safe place (instead of a place they associate with leaving!). Next, keep boxes out in the open while packing. While your cat may not realize exactly what is going on, it will help them to have the warning. Last, be sure their tags are up to date with the new address. Also, if your cat does not have a microchip, consider getting them one. It is a simple procedure at your vet’s office. So if during the move your cat escapes or you cannot find them, you can help them get back home. Learn more in HomeAgain’s article “How Microchipping Works.”

2. Helping with the Stress: No one ever likes to see their furry friend sad and stressed! On moving day, upon arriving, find a room you can put your cat in. This will become their “safe space.” Leave their food, water, litter box and favorite toys and items in that room. Cats love to hide when scared, so if the room has a closet, leave the door cracked for them. Also, include their favorite blanket or bed that they can burry themselves in. Another way you can help calm them is to invest in a Feliway diffuser. Flyway is a product that helps cats overcome stressful situations. It can also curb bad behaviors from spraying, scratching or going outside of their litter box. In addition to diffusers, you can buy sprays and wipes. If your cat is anxious, place Feliway diffusers in both locations. You can also spray their cat carrier and favorite toys. Find out more information about Feliway on their website.

3. The Adjustment Period: It may take your cat up to a couple weeks to adjust to their new home. During this process, try to keep their usual routine the same it was in the old location. This helps establish consistency. If your cat is acting unusual and does not appear to be getting back to their usual self soon after, talk to your vet. Some cats will become depressed from moving to a new location. Because of this, your cat may not eat or groom, sleep more and hide. Work with your vet to find a solution to help your cat and give them a little extra love.

If you are ready to move, let Eden’s Moving Services help! We are your go-to Denver moving company that will take care of all the heavy lifting. This allows you to focus on settling in with your furry friend. Read the top three moving tips for less stress to make sure you have a seamless move too. When you are ready, give us a call at 877-887-8248 to get started!