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Tips for First Time Movers: Moving 101 and Denver Moving Companies

August 3, 2016

Even if you moved with your family growing up, there is much to consider when moving on your own for the first time. Whether you have found a new home in your area or will need long distance movers in Colorado, here are some top considerations to make your first move the best one possible!
  • Create a Financial Plan: When you locked down your new house or apartment, you probably had upfront fees or payments to prepare for. The same applies to moving! First, contact your local moving company to get an estimate on truck or moving costs. You can also discuss with them your budget and find a service that fits within your plan. Next, create a budget for moving materials such as boxes, tape, labels, packing supplies and equipment. To save on money, try to find unwanted boxes that you can use before spending money on all new boxes. You can probably also borrow some of the other materials and equipment as well to save. Last, consider food and necessities. If you are moving food, you will probably not want to buy anything refrigerated—so plan meals strategically.
  • Go-To Packing Tips: When packing, there are smart ways to help streamline the process. Instead of putting hanging clothes in boxes, keep them on hangers and protect them with trash bags. Next, keep rooms together in the same boxes and label everything for easy identification. Newspaper is a great packing tool, as well as bubble wrap. Also, when closing boxes, be sure to use packing tape to close them to ensure none of the materials fall out or break.
  • Services: When moving into your new home, you will have services that will need to be turned on. You will need to contact the power, electric/gas and cable companies for service. Reach out early to ensure you can have service enable the day of. For internet and cable, you will most likely need them to come and install it. Take time to consider if it will be convenient for them to come the day before (if you have the keys), the day of or shortly after your move depending on how quickly you would like those services enabled. Chances are high that you will be given a large window of time, so be sure to choose a time where you will be available, or someone can be at the home to let the installers in.   
When it comes to your first time move, you can trust the premier experts at Eden’s Moving Services to ensure it is a smooth one! We will keep the quality of your belongings in pristine condition and help all of your valuables arrive to your new home safely. Learn more about how top Denver moving companies calculate your moving estimate and call us at 877-887-8248 to get your move started!