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Top Address Changes to Remember After Your Move from Denver Moving Companies

July 27, 2016

Right before or after your move, your next priority after working with local movers in Colorado is updating your address. This can be a huge task to remember every single place that has your address.
  • Prepping for Address Changes: One of the great things you can do months before your move is starting to track your mail and emails and make a list of the places that need to change. You may not catch them all, so here are some tips to remember everything! To make it easier to remember and record things on the spot, download a list app for your phone and let the beginning begin!
  • Driver’s License and United Stats Postal Service: To ensure your mail comes to your new residence, make it a top priority to change your address at the Department of Motor Vehicles and then also with the United States Postal Service. By utilizing their mail forwarding service, all of your mail will be sent to your new address and will cover your bases as you are working to update your address. Also note, when at the Department of Motor Vehicles, you can often request to change your voter registration there too.
  • Financial Bureaus: It is best to quickly update your address in formation for all of your financial institutions. This includes your bank, loans and credit cards. When changing your credit cards, be certain to think of all the places associated with your card such as your music apps, go-to services such as Uber, food delivery apps, video apps such as Netflix or Hulu, and more.
  • Utilities and Services: You will also want to quickly update your utilities and services to ensure everything transfers over. This includes power, phone, internet and cable services, subscriptions and more.
Use a checklist to make sure you are able to change your address in all the right places. Then when you are ready to move, let Eden’s Moving help! Our quality and premier services will make sure your valuables make it from your old home to your new one safely.  Learn How Top Denver Moving Companies Calculate Your Moving Estimate and get started with your move today. Call us at 877-887-8248 to get started.