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Before the Move: Top Cleaning Tips from Eden's Moving Services

July 13 2016

No matter the distance, moving is not the most fun thing to do. There are a few things you can do ahead of your move to make things easier, with one of them being cleaning! By cleaning certain items around your home or apartment, you can make it better for yourself when unpacking or even for the local movers in Colorado assisting you. Here are some tips and things to think about as you begin your packing process to maintain the quality of your belongings.
  1. Rugs: Prior to your move, clean your rugs! The last thing anyone wants is to have dust and dirt flying everywhere, even though you are rolling them up! Plus, it will be nice for the rug to be like new for the new home. You can always go the simple route but vacuuming the rug, but you can definitely take it the next step and give it a thorough clean to ensure dust and debris are gone. If you decide it may need a more thorough cleaning, be careful trying to rid stains with chemical cleaners that can change the color of the rug. Use a liquid dish soap that is diluted 2:1 with water and it can help to disinfect an area with a stain.
  2. Dust: It will take some time, but you will thank yourself later—dust everything! And by everything, this means your largest appliances to your smallest devices and gadgets. For many, dust can really irritate the skin or cause some uncomfortable allergies. To help combat this, wear rubber gloves to prevent the dust from getting on your hands and arms. Next, consider wearing a facemask to avoid breathing in the particles. If you still have problems as you are cleaning to this length, you can also talk to your doctor about taking allergy medicine with a decongestant to help with sneezing, a runny or stuff nose, watering eyes, rash or itchy skin and more. While dusting, Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes are a great for glass and other smooth surfaces to help the dust from kicking up. For wood, find a microfiber towel or tool that will also combat the dust from kicking up.
  3. Couches and Chairs: If you haven’t cleaned out your couches, you’ll get to see everything that has fallen through when you remove your couch cushions. Take some time to remove the cushions and give the interior a thorough vacuum cleaning. Next, consider cleaning the cushions and all other areas of the couch the best recommended way for the material. For leather, if you have a vacuum with a soft brush cleaning attachment, you can catch any parts of the couch filled with dust and use a very damp cloth to wipe it down. There are also many leather cleaners available. For cloth couches, wash the materials with mild detergent, white vinegar and a light sponge.
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