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Hiring Denver Moving Company to Protect Your Valuables

July 6th, 2016

    One of the most stressful aspects of a move is the need to have your rare, expensive, or irreplaceable valuables transported across vast distances while hoping that they arrive safely and intact. However, hiring moving companies can relieve you of this worry. The best Denver moving companies possess the advanced knowledge and superior skills required to keep your items safe and protected during each aspect of the move. This is especially beneficial, for the movers can instill you with confidence that your valuables are in trustworthy and experienced hands. If you are preparing for a big move, you should learn about the many advantages of hiring moving experts to protect your valuables.

Small Valuables
    Top Colorado movers can protect your small valuables from being damaged with effective packing services. Many types of small valuables require protection, including china, books, glassware, dishes, and jewelry. Moving experts can provide strong boxes that are stable and that are customized to effectively transport different types of items. The packing services also enable the experts to place protective wraps and pads in the box and around the items to further prevent your small valuables from being damaged. Additionally, the movers can also attach “fragile” labels onto the boxes that contain valuables to help them identify which boxes require extra attention and delicate treatment during the loading and unloading stages.

Large Valuables
    You should also have movers protect your large valuables. You might need to transport several large valuables, including paintings, antiques, vases, or fragile electronic devices. The best Denver moving companies can provide wraps and pads that are designed to protect different types of large and valuable items. The wrapping process is highly beneficial. The movers can apply sufficient layers of wrapping around the items, use tape to keep the wrappings tight, and this buffering of cushion can prevent the items from being damaged if they incidentally make contact with other belongings during the move. The experts can also place the large valuables in optimal locations in the truck to prevent your possessions from moving around, banging against the wall, or being struck by other items during the drive.


    The top Colorado movers can also protect valuable furniture with comprehensive moving services. Furniture items that might require extra protection include expensive or antique chairs, couches, desks, and tables. Moving experts can prevent these valuable furniture items from incurring any damages. If the furniture is assembled, the experts can disassemble the parts, carefully wrap each part for the commute, and then reassemble the furniture in your new home. Premier movers can also protect valuable furniture items that are not assembled. For instance, they can use advanced skills and innovative equipment to carefully guide the furniture onto the truck, ensure that the items remain stable, and place protective sheets around the furniture items to protect them from being scratched or dented during the drive. Additionally, the experts can then arrange the valuable furniture items in the appropriate areas of your new home to ensure that the items are safe all the way to the very end of the move.

Contact Eden’s Moving Service to protect your valuables. While we are trained to successfully pack and transport valuable items, we also are also fully licensed and insured in case any accidents occur. We provide comprehensive local or long distance moving services, we have access to the best packing products available, and we would be glad to maximize the quality of your move by protecting your belongings throughout every step of the process.