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Bill of Lading Documents for Moving Companies

June 29, 2016

Hiring a moving company to pack and transport your belongings can help enhance the convenience and effectiveness of your move. However, hiring a local or long distance mover also renders you succeptible to be victimized by illegitimate companies or fraudulent scams. The bill of lading statement is a fundamental document that can help you rest assured that you are working with a credible and trustworthy company.  If you are preparing for a big move, you should learn about the bill of lading document requirements that premier Denver moving companies can fulfill.  

Company Information
The best Colorado movers provide a thorough bill of lading document for each client.  The document reflects a contract between you and the company, many aspects of the move must be addressed in the contract, and state and federal laws require that the professionals provide you with this document before commencing the move or transporting your belongings. The bill of lading should provide comprehensive identification information about the company. For instance, the document should include the name, address and phone number of the company, the manager providing you with the statement, and any staff members who will be participating with the moving project or be involved with handling your possessions. Additionally, the document should include the identification and USDOT numbers of the vehicles that the company is using to transport your items.

Item Inventory
Top Denver moving companies also complete an item inventory section on the bill of lading document. The inventory section should include a thorough and detailed list of the many different possessions that the professionals will be loading onto the truck and then transporting to your new home. Having a list of your items can help ensure that the company is held accountable if any items become missing or broken during the move. The inventory section typically includes many details. The document should articulate each specific large item that the professionals will be transporting, such as furniture, beds, tables, electronic devices, paintings, and vases. The inventory of boxes can be more complex. Because you might be transporting an abundance of different types of small items in the boxes, the inventory does not necessarily need to specify every individual item in the boxes. However, the inventory section should include the number of boxes and the general types of belongings that the boxes contain.

Schedules and Estimates
The bill of lading contract should also consist of scheduling details regarding the move. For instance, premier Colorado movers always provide the exact dates and times that have been arranged for the pickup and delivery of the items. Your moving specialists should also provide price or estimate details in the bill of lading document. While many companies provide general estimates, the document should contain the specific details involved with the estimate and the maximum amount that the company can charge you when the project is complete. The pricing section should specify the estimate totals, elaborate on every service that is being performed by the company and charged on the receipt, and verify the type of payment that you will be making for the project.

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