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How Your Denver Moving Company Can Help Get Your Belongings Ready for Storage

June 1, 2016

In an ideal situation you will be moving directly from your old house right to your new one, but in today’s fast moving real estate market, this may not be the case. There may be a gap of weeks or even months before your new home is ready for occupation and during this time you may need to store some of your valuable belongings. Eden’s Moving Services provide full service moving as well as storage services to help your move proceed smoothly.

Eden’s storage facilities are first rate and state of the art. All are fully climate controlled to prevent exposure to the elements from damaging your belongings. It is safe and secure with private space for each client. Eden’s will bring your items to the storage facility and when your home is ready, you can schedule a convenient delivery time. Eden’s also offers VIP service which includes obtaining the ideal boxes for each item, packing, and fully orchestrating your move. If you choose to pack your own items for storage, there are several things to keep in mind. Your first course of action may be to Declutter While You Prepare for your Move with Local Movers in Colorado. Once you are positive that you are down to necessities, you can begin to prepare items for storage.

Packing Clothing
It’s best to store clothing on hangers. There are boxes available that are equipped with a cross bar for hanging items. Be sure clothing as well as blankets and other cloth items are cleaned before storing. If you think you might need access to your clothing before you have moved be sure to let the movers know so that they can place them in an accessible area in the storage unit.

Books and Decorative Items
Books are easy to pack, but it’s easy to over pack boxes making them too heavy causing the bottom to break out. Be sure to pack them flat to avoid damaging the spines. Wrap each decorative item individually as combining items might cause them to scratch or break from banging together. Be sure to mark boxes fragile if they contain breakable items so extra care can be used and they can be stacked toward the top of the storage unit out of the way where they are less likely to be jostled.

Label all your boxes for ease of unpacking. You also might find that you need an item while it is being stored and this will make it much easier to locate. Do not send anything to storage without a lid. All items should be in a tub with a sturdy top or in a box that is taped shut. Plastic wrap around boxes will also keep the dust out. When packing boxes, be sure to fill any gaps with paper or bubble wrap to keep items from shifting and breaking.

There are a lot of logistics that go into packing for storage effectively. In the end it may be less hassle and more cost effective to let Eden’s do the packing for you. Their bid will include all packing materials so you will not have to hunt them down yourself. If your belongings are packed by our professionals, damage is far less likely. For a bid on packing and storing your items call us at 877-887-8248 today!