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Local Movers in Colorado Help When Living Between Two Homes

May 25, 2016

With the onset of spring, snowbirds have begun their annual migration from their subtropical homes back to where four seasons reign, and where winter means months of frigid temperature and snow. For those Colorado residents who return to warm and sunny climes during the winter months, local movers in Colorado can ease the hassle of their annual trek and resettlement.

Managing two residences is hard work. However, if you’re one of the fortunate people who want to and can afford to fly before the snow does, following are some tips to lighten the burden of the process.

Rent vs. buy. Examine your finances to determine whether renting your summer residence is more practical than buying a permanent home. Owning two residences means two sets of bills and property taxes. Renting avoids that second set of responsibilities and offers you the flexibility to vary your winter destination. Try out Palm Springs one year, then Biloxi the next. If you decide to buy, however, you may opt to transport your precious belongings from one residence to the other rather than purchase two sets of everything. That might be more stuff than will fit in your car.

Become a landlord. If you decide to buy a permanent winter residence, you might not want it standing empty for half the year. Conversely, you may wish to consider renting your Colorado home to those cold weather aficionados who actually like snow and winter recreational activities. Renting your home to vacationers can bring in a tidy supplemental income.
Regardless, experts recommend contracting with a professional contractors for cleaning, landscaping, and property management to look after and maintain the property in good condition during your extended absence. Wary landlords may wish to remove certain valuable or delicate pieces of property from the residence before entrusting their safety to vacationing renters.

For university students, especially international students who are unable to go home for long breaks between academic sessions and who live in dormitory housing, intersession housing may be a practical solution. Offered by many academic institutions, intersession housing enables students temporary housing during academic breaks. That still leaves the student with the problem of emptying his or her dormitory room and transporting those possessions to intersession housing, and then back to the dormitory.

What if you sold your house and your new home isn’t ready for you yet? You’re between houses, whether for days, weeks, or months, and facing the what to do with all your belongings.

For Colorado residents, local movers in Colorado can help. Eden’s Moving Services, with service throughout the state, offers climate controlled, secure storage service where those who are between homes can store their possessions temporarily. Eden’s Moving Service can pack, load, transport, and unload your belongings for storage and then bring everything back.

Call Eden’s Moving Services toll free at 1(877) 887-8248 or contact us online for a quick quote.