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Denver Moving Companies Help Sell Your Home

May 18, 2016

You’re moving. Whether you’re transferring to a larger or smaller residence, if you own your current home, then you probably have to sell it. To expedite the moving process, it’s necessary to sell the house or condominium as quickly as possible. Denver moving companies offer suggestions on staging your home to sell quickly and at the best market value.
HGTV’s Lisa LaPorta shares her 30 best tips for staging a home. These tips can be segregated into a few basic categories.
  1. Use elbow grease. A clean house sells more readily than a dirty house. You can freshen the house by scrubbing away grime, soap scum, and mildew. Weed the flowerbeds and plant some bright, blooming flowers to spruce up the yard. Power-wash the siding. Mow the lawn. Polish stonework. Clean the windows.
  2. Paint. A fresh coat of paint works wonders to brighten and modernize outdated décor. You can use paint to revitalize not just walls, but tile and brick if done properly. Dated kitchen cabinets can be given an inexpensive facelift with a new coat of stain or paint, too.
  3. Install new hardware, appliances, and fixtures. Check out some interior design magazines to see what’s popular and then, where appropriate, swap outdated bathroom sinks and fixtures, cabinet hardware, and other bits and pieces around the house for what’s currently fashionable. Home buyers also find updated appliances very appealing, especially if the house will be sold with them.
  4. Refinish wood. If you have hardwood floors or trim or a wooden deck, hire a professional to refinish them. The cost may make you wince, but bright, shiny floors absent of embedded grime and scuff marks will add immeasurable appeal to the house.
  5. Clear out clutter and personal items. Your mementos and knickknacks distract potential buyers. That grungy old chair you inherited from Grandpa: get it out of there. The myriad family portraits cluttering the walls need to go, too. Is the livign room crowded with too much furniture? Remove the most worn pieces to create a sense of spaciousness and improve traffic flow. You want potential buyers to see their own possessions filling the house. Clear out closets and other storage space to impress potential buyers with the idea that the house has more than enough in-built storage to accommodate all their stuff. Many VIP moving services offer storage to hold those items that mean so much to you, but only detract from a potential sale.
  6. Add lighting. Especially if your house is short on windows, make a room feel bright and airy with lamps and light colored paint.
  7. Clean or replace carpets. Not only do dingy carpets discourage buyers, but carpets also harbor unpleasant odors. Replace carpets that are old, stained, and threadbare. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to freshen and brighten newer carpets. And, if possible, keep pets off carpeted areas.
Eden’s Moving Services will load your belongings and put them in secure, climate controlled storage until they’re ready to be hauled to your new home. Call us toll free at 1(877) 887-8248 for a quote.