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Long Distance Movers in Colorado Get College Students Home Again

April 27, 2016

If you have a child attending college far away from home in Denver, then moving said child back home can be fraught with frustration, exasperation, and profanity. There’s a hassle-free option that doesn’t involve trying to stuff a student’s entire life into the back seat of compact car for the trip home when after final exams. Long distance movers in Colorado can transport your adult child’s possessions safely and efficiently from school to home.

College students have more stuff than they did 40 years ago. Back then, we had our clothes, our books, and a typewriter. Only the local students brought more. These days, kids bring all sorts of things -- including maybe even microwave ovens and small refrigerators. Nope, college kids don’t have to make do with hotpots anymore.

Think about it. Remember when you were that age, frazzled and dead tired from the stress and pressure of final exams. The last thing you wanted to do was organize, pack, and haul your stuff while celebrating the end of the school term. Then, oh dear, how am I going to get everything I own, from basic cookware and maybe even a piece or two of furniture onto an airplane?

Even if you haven't been there, you can empathize with the logistical impasse of trying to cram too much stuff into a much too small space for a distance that could span a thousand miles in a car that you’re not quite sure can be trusted to get across town.. Or the fees incurred by checking on all those boxes at the airport, just so your child can lug them back and forth by herself. You really don’t want your youngster trying to cope with that.

A professional moving service relieves that stress. The company provides boxes for all that stuff and can even pack those boxed for your stressed-out student. A moving company can provide the manual labor to haul heavy boxes and even furniture from that sixth floor dormitory room or apartment to the truck for transport. With a licensed and insured moving company, your worries about damaged or lost property will also be relieved.

Is your student heading off on a vacation or maybe to a new new city immediately after exams? With a moving company, you can coordinate pickup, temporary and secure storage, and delivery of your child’s possessions. Especially if your child will be graduating and moving to a new job hundreds of miles away, he or she will be grateful for the assistance in moving.

The college years are a time of exploration, growing up, and letting go. But, even though they’re adults now, your children will still be your children and timely assistance to reduce the stress of moving might be the most thoughtful graduation gift they receive.

For efficient, safe, and secure moving and storage service to bring your college student and all his stuff back home from Denver, call Eden’s Moving Services toll free at 1 (877) 887-8248 or contact them online for a quick quote.