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7 Deadly Sins of Commercial Relocation in Colorado

April 20, 2016

The basic goal of any business is to make money. When a business no longer fits its current operating space and the decision has been made to move to a more suitable space, expenses will be incurred. Here’s how to make sure that those expenses related to commercial relocation in Colorado won’t break the corporate budget.
  1. Poor vendor selection. Caveat emptor is the watch-phrase here when hiring a moving company to transfer equipment and furnishings from one location to another, as well as other vendors who will help you prepare the new office and/or production space. Your company will need vendors for technical systems, interior decorating, security, etc. Before hiring a vendor, ask for references and follow through with contacting those references. A vendor that fails to show up on time, return phone calls, obtain the proper permits, provide sufficient staffing, meet deadlines, control costs is not the vendor you want. Several Denver moving companies can relocate your business just down the block, to the other side of the city, across the state, and beyond. Just remember, the cheapest vendor is not necessarily the best value.
  2. Poor coordination. You’re the customer and you’re in charge, which means you have to coordinate and manage the project of corporate relocation. Be aware that multiple vendors involved in a moving project will result in conflict, and you must coordinate the process to avoid as much conflict as possible. For instance, make sure that the interior decorator doesn’t start before all construction work in the space has been finished.
  3. Lack of staff. If you fail to delegate tasks, the process of moving your company may be overwhelming and cause you to lose control, which results in conflicts, delays, and cost overruns. If necessary, hire additional staff to see your company through this transition.
  4. Late start. Corporate moving takes a long time. Be sure to allow vendors adequate time to prepare their proposals, and that your RFP contains as much pertinent detail as possible. With more complete and accurate information, vendors can provide more accurate proposals of the services offered, the time they’ll need to complete their tasks, and the fees they charge. In addition, once the new space is secured, be sure you are not the bottleneck that causes expensive delays.
  5. Shortened schedule. If you fail to plan for enough time, fail to provide sufficient information as to the scope of the services needed, or if you try to squeeze vendors into completing their word before their allotted time, then you risk two consequences: a) the vendor takes shortcuts to accommodate the shortened schedule and quality suffers; or, b) the vendor adds staff to the project. The costs of both will be passed on to the customer.
  6. Unrealistic budget. Underestimating the cost of moving a company from one location to another causes frustration and delays, especially if you expect your vendors to work for free. Your budget must encompass recurring real estate costs, freight/delivery, lost business, capital expenses, moving expenses, and consultant fees. If the moving budget falls short of actual costs, then potentially critical aspects of the project may be be completed or performed at all.
  7. Failure to communicate. Moving is stressful to employees and can annoy or confuse customers and suppliers. Don’t forget to communicate regularly with your vendors; they cannot perform to your requirements if they don’t really know what you want. Notify customers, suppliers, vendors, and employees, providing them with pertinent information. Employees may also appreciate a walk-through of the site before the move-in.
Eden’s Moving Services provides efficient, professional, and organized commercial relocation services, moving not only office furnishings and equipment, but also taking care of employees who may be required to relocate, too. We offer flexible pricing programs tailored to fit your company’s needs. Call toll free at 1 (877) 887-8248 or contact us online to discuss what your company needs to relocate to a better space!