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Advice From Denver Moving Companies: Managing Your Family During the Move

March 17, 2016

Moving day is finally here! You’ve hired professional Denver movers to help with your belongings so you can concentrate on getting your family and pets to the new place safely. Keeping kids occupied on moving day is the best way to keep them safe, out of the way, and also of making them feel included and an integral part of the move. Here are a few ways you can keep your sanity while keeping the little ones happy during the move:
  1. Smaller kids might do well with a sitter for the day. Even if it’s just having an older child or neighbor come to the house to occupy them while the move is in full swing, it can be a major aid and ensure your time is not split between tasks. They can take them to a nearby park or even out into the back yard to keep them safe while heavy items are being moved. They can also play games or do art projects with them to help pass the time while mom or dad are busy. You can find great ideas for easy projects and over 500 artful things to do with kids to keep them occupied and out of harm's way during the stress and commotion of moving.
  1. Giving kids who are a little older tasks to do that help with the move keeps them busy and makes them feel important too. Encourage them to label all the boxes in their room so unpacking goes easier. Give them color coded markers so they can color the boxes separately for each room. This will make unpacking or finding things on the other end much easier. You can check out our blog post on moving with pets if this is a concern, but this is a great thing for kids to help with too. Let them know that their furry friend will need a little extra attention to get through the moving process. Putting children with the animals and into a designated area to watch a movie or read books keeps them both safe. Taking the dog outside or for a walk around the block would be beneficial to both as well.
  1. Once at the new house encourage kids to help with unpacking. Allowing them to set up and arrange their own new room will go a long way in making them feel at home in their new space. Smaller kids can do some fun projects with the moving boxes - like build a fort in their room. They can also decorate the boxes and allow their creativity to flourish. Make sure to have an easily accessible box of their necessities on hand - not only things like toiletries and medicines but remember favorite blankets and toys to make their first night in a new house more comfortable.
Don’t forget to take a break from unpacking to take them for a stroll around to see the new neighborhood. Take them by a nearby park where they will be making new friends or show them where they will be going to school, or taking swim lessons. Try out the neighborhood pizza place or ice cream parlor and figure out your staple spots for food.
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