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4 Things You May Not Have Thought About When Moving to Denver

March 30, 2016

When moving to Denver, there are many things you may not have thought about. This is where a top Denver moving company will help to help relieve the stress and cover every detail needed for a smooth move. From box types and packing techniques, to getting an accurate quote for moving services, here are four things you may not have thought about when planning your move in the Denver area.
  1. Pre-Plan for Quote: Expedite the quote process with Denver movers by having all the information ready. First, have both zip codes, a list of items that need moved and any specific packing instructions. If moving to an apartment, along with the apartment number, know the number of elevators in the building. Do you have items in a basement or storage space? Those will need to be noted as well. Lastly, have the types, quantity and locations of large items, such as appliances or heavy furniture and special handling instructions for high-end furniture or valuables.
  2. Remember Your Furry Friends: Moving can be extremely stressful for pets and it is important to help ease them into a move months in advance to make the moving process a little easier for them. How to Move with Pets: Tips from Your Denver Moving Company provides everything you need to be aware of when moving your cats or dogs with you.  Keep in mind that dogs may be a little more open to the move at first as opposed to cats. Also, before the move, make sure your pet’s vaccinations and documentation is up to date.
  3. Electronic Compatibility: Your TV and sound system arrangement or kitchen appliances may work perfectly in your current space—but may not in your new home. When planning, be mindful of this and any electronic needs you may have. Check to see if you have original boxes for TV, stereos, video game consoles, etc. for the local moving companies in Denver to use when packing and moving them.
  4. Weather: One of the things you won’t have control over the day of your move is the weather. The great thing about moving to the Denver area is how mild and temperate the weather is on average. The most rain the area gets an average of 15 inches throughout the year. Winter temperatures range from 45°F to 60°F on average and summers have an average high of 86°F. Wondering what the temperatures and precipitation predictions are for your move? Visit Denver’s climate chart to help be prepared. If you find that your move just happens to be on one of the rare days with rain, local movers in the Denver area will work with you to make the day as seamless as possible.  
To make sure you get the best moving experience in Denver, trust the experts at Eden’s Moving Services.  This premier Denver moving company has a team of go-to professional certified movers to take care of your moving, packing and storage. Get a quick quote now or call 1-877-887-8248 for more information and quality service.