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How Denver Movers Assist Individuals with Injuries

April 6, 2016

People who are struggling with physical injuries or physical disabilities simply can’t do all the packing when they are preparing to move. If you’re struggling with an injury or disability that is keeping you from packing up your items on schedule, don’t delay your move. Find a company that works with you to pack up your items before moving them. Many of the top Denver moving companies, including Eden’s Moving Services, offer packing services that will help you stay on schedule and make moving a breeze!

Packing services go beyond simply packing up heavy items. One option involves movers only packing up the most fragile items, and making sure they make it to your new home in one piece. Others might include wrapping and keeping large furniture and statuaries safe and secure. All packing services typically include packing small but heavy items in small boxes, such as books, DVDs, computer hardware, and smaller kitchen appliances, as well as sheets, towels, clothing, and bedding in medium boxes, dishes, glassware, and other china in dish boxes, professional clothing that needs to remain hanging in wardrobe boxes, pictures, diplomas, awards, and other flat, glass-encased items in picture boxes, and lastly, files and other legal documents in legal boxes. All of these boxes will be labeled clearly so unpacking is as simple as possible. The best Denver moving companies will be happy provide estimates for all of these services based on the size of your home and amount of belongings included.

Eden’s Moving Services is your go-to moving company and are able to pack up any items you might need, whether they are heavy or not. It is one of the best options for people that are disabled or suffering from an injury. It is also helpful for people making the move alone who cannot lift or transport all of those difficult items themselves. Lifting and moving objects repetitively, or objects that are too heavy for your body to handle can cause major back injuries. A back injury would not be a good way to start your new life in Denver or in your new home.

Each of our clients can expect the same professional, friendly service, regardless of why they need our help. We aim to make each customer’s life easier by being on time, courteous, and efficient. Customers who have previously used our packing services were delighted with the work we did.

At Eden’s Moving Services we do our job with a promise: we will never carelessly pack your items or leave you with a bunch of damaged goods if you use our packing services. We are committed to excellence.

Remember, there is more to picking a moving company than many people initially think. We pride ourselves on being an honest, professional company that is dedicated to each client’s happiness. It’s not just the moving that you need – you need a company with a good reputation that will provide you with accurate and timely service to remove all possible stress that you can during the process.

If you’re ready to reach out to a quality Denver moving service that will help take your worries away, call us toll-free at (877) 887-8248, or locally at (720) 370-3455. We also offer free moving estimates for any size move to let you take the first step in planning your move. We have years of experience, and are certified members of the American Moving & Storage Association. We look forward to workingwith you!