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How Top Denver Moving Companies Calculate Your Moving Estimate

April 13, 2016

Hiring a Denver moving company is a beneficial investment that can relieve the stress in your move, save you valuable time, and ensure that everything is transported properly to your new home. However, most moving companies provide estimates to predict the approximate cost of your move before getting started. The companies should evaluate your situation, consider several factors, and customize an accurate quote according to the specific details of your move. If you are planning a big move, it can help to understand the factors that are considered when the top moving companies establish price estimates.


The distance between your old home and your new home asserts a pivotal influence on a moving estimate. Local moves in which you are relocating to a home within the same city or neighborhood are naturally more affordable than long-distance moves in which you are relocating to a different city or state. Certain aspects of the distance are considered when Denver movers determine the price estimate. For instance, the experts typically factor in the miles of the commute, the length of time the drivers will be on the road, and the amount of gas that is required to transport the items to your new location.

Size of Belongings

The best moving companies should establish free moving estimates based on the size of your belongings rather than on the weight of your possessions. You should avoid companies that use weight to determine estimates because the weight of items can be subjective, difficult to predict, and similar items might feature very different weights. For instance, your three-seat couch might weigh much less than another person’s three-seat couch. Because most similar items feature similar sizes, predicting the sizes of items is a much more reliable and accurate way to determine a price estimate. You can provide the movers with the specific measurements of your large items, or the companies can use charts that establish the average measurements of certain large items. Additionally, companies also generally consider how many boxes will be required for your smaller items during the move. As a result, the size of your large belongings and the number of boxes needed for your small belongings influences the price estimate of your move.


The type of services that you purchase also impacts the estimate. Receiving standard moving services would involve you packing your belongings and the company transporting the items to your new location. In contrast, premier Denver movers can also provide full and comprehensive services in which they handle every aspect of the move for you. Full service moves would enable the experts to supply customized boxes, pack your belongings, apply protective moving pads, and then transport and unload the items into your new home. Furthermore, full service companies can also arrange and setup each item in the appropriate rooms and areas of your new home. Although receiving full moving services costs slightly more than standard services, allowing moving specialists to provide comprehensive services can improve the effectiveness of your move and save you valuable time and energy during the process.

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