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Declutter While You Prepare for your Move with Local Movers in Colorado

March 2, 2016

Whether you’re moving across Denver or across the country, changing residences is an intricate process, even if you’ve hired professional movers in Denver. If you know that a move is on the horizon, start paring down what is being relocated now. Even if you are taking advantage of Eden’s packing service, moving unneeded and outdated items to the new location is an extra step that may be avoided. Save time, money, and aggravation and clear out the items that aren’t needed.  With Eden’s Moving Services’ decluttering tips, we hope to remove the stress of simplifying personal belongings.  It’s best to go room by room, creating three basic piles:  keep, donate, and trash.  
  • Kitchen - Don’t let unused items take up valuable storage space in the new home! If there are kitchen gadgets, cook and bakeware, pots and pans that haven’t been used or have multiple items, consider having a cocktail party for friends and let take home the extra items that they can put to use!  Any items that aren’t taken at the party may be donated.  There are numerous shelters in Denver that will be able to use your unwanted items or families moving out of the shelter will certainly make great use of it. This is a list of transitional housing programs in Denver.
  • Bedrooms - In your closets, turn all of your hangers backward. As you wear and wash clothes, turn the hangers back around. After several weeks any hangers that are still turned facing out are clothes that you can probably part with and never miss. Send them to the donate pile. You can do the same thing for kid’s closets. It’s a good time to start teaching kids about charity as well. You can have a conversation about how much they’ve grown and outgrown some of their toys. Explain that there are some children out there, maybe even in your neighborhood or family that could enjoy them, and see if your kids can pick out some toys for other kids. They might surprise you. Once they’ve made their choices you can decide whether it’s for donate or trash pile.
  • Bathrooms - The bathroom can accumulate clutter as well. Everyone hates to throw out something that they “might” use one day. If you’ve lived somewhere for any length of time you’ll likely have a collection of decorative soaps, shampoos that weren’t as great as you thought they’d be, lotions that you didn’t like the smell of that much, and any number of other things that make no sense to move. If these items are expired or unusable be sure to throw them out.  Any  toiletries that are are still usable are sorely needed at any of Denver’s homeless shelters. This is a list of shelters and some may even be able to pick up donations. Shelters list toiletries and socks as the two items that get donated the least that they need the most. You might also consider donating your clothes there. If you have any women’s clothing suitable for the office, Dress for Success is a great organization that gives women who are trying to transition out of shelters, clothing so that they can go to job interviews feeling confident and looking successful.
Throw away or recycle what you can and as for the get rid of pile, there are several options. If it’s an electronic gadget, furniture, toy, or something that might be collectable consider selling it online. Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist or a number of other online sites might generate some cash for you. If you have older kids in the house, task them with this and split the proceeds with them.

Don’t have Denver moving companies move clutter and unwanted items to your new home; recycle, freecycle, and let someone else find use for what is no longer needed!  After the clutter is out of the house, it’ll be that much easier to pack what will be moving into the new home.  Eden’s Moving Services is pleased to offer packing services and VIP moving services to remove the stress from packing.  Contact us today at 720-370-3455 for a free quote.