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Helpful Tips When Hiring a Moving Company in Denver

February 11, 2016

Hiring a top moving company in Denver is essential to ensuring that your belongings are effectively packed, transported, and delivered to your new home. However, unqualified moving companies can make mistakes that exasperate the stress and frustration of your move. Inferior companies might refuse to provide essential services, fail to bring your belongings to the correct location on time, or damage your valuable possessions during the process. As a result, selecting a licensed and credible moving company is crucial to ensuring that your move is as stress-free and convenient as possible. If you are preparing for a big move, here are some tips that you should consider to ensure that you hire a superior Denver moving company.  
  • Estimates -   The best Colorado moving professionals provide thorough evaluations and detailed price estimates. Many unqualified movers provide general estimates online and without considering the details of the belongings that need to be moved. This is a red flag that you should avoid the given service. Because every moving situation is unique, moving companies must consider various factors when determining an estimate for a moving project. If you accept online quotes, you might experience problems in which the company exaggerates the quotes or adds extra charges later. In contrast, premier movers understand the many factors that must be considered before establishing an honest and accurate quote.  Denver moving experts can customize an estimate for you by acquiring detailed information regarding the number of belongings that you possess, the type of belongings that you need transported, and the overall distance of the relocation project.
  • Licenses - You should also verify that the moving company is properly licensed. The top Denver moving companies have earned essential licensing credentials and professional certifications that verify the credibility of the companies. All premier moving experts should be certified by the Better Business Bureau and licensed by the American Moving and Storage Association. Such qualifications demonstrate that the given companies possess the advanced knowledge and professional skills required to meet exceptional moving standards and to efficiently complete your move. Additionally, your moving company should also be able to verify insurance. Unqualified and uninsured companies might refuse to compensate you for any accidental damages that occur during the move. However, hiring an insured moving company can help you rest easy while knowing that the company is trained to avoid damaging any precious belongings and capable of compensating you if any accidents occur.   
  • Full-Services -  Superior Colorado moving professionals can also provide comprehensive moving services to handle each aspect of your move. Most moves require you to fulfill an exorbitant amount of difficult tasks. You often must pack an abundance of belongings, load items on the truck, drive the truck to the new location, and then unload the belongings into your new home. While some companies only provide certain services and make you do the rest, premier full-service moving companies in Denver can complete each aspect of the moving situation. The full-service capabilities can significantly alleviate the stress that accompanies your move. For instance, the professionals can carefully pack all of your belongings, provide padding and wraps to protect fragile items, and then transport and unload the belongings into your new home.  
Contact Eden’s Moving Services to complete your big move. Our expert staff is fully insured, certified, and licensed to complete local or long-distance moves, both residential and commercial. We can provide comprehensive moving services, pack and transport your belongings, and ensure that each step of the move is handled effectively to maximize your moving experience.