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Denver Moving Companies Guide to Perfectly Packed Boxes

January 15, 2016

The importance of preparing, organizing, and packing boxes correctly cannot be understated when it comes to your move. The last thing you want to see when you open any box after the big move is broken or disheveled items inside. Denver moving companies offer packing services to help you better prepare yourself for the move, and we would like to share our top tips to guide you toward learning how to perfectly pack a moving box. It all comes down to preparing the box correctly, keeping things better organized, and packing the items in the correct way. Follow these three key items and ensure your belongings are safe and protected from harm’s way during your move:

Preparation: Having more supplies is better than not having enough. While you can always make a trip to get more supplies, it can be a bit difficult or troublesome if you suddenly run out of packing tape in the middle of a major packing session. Make sure you are using quality supplies and reliable materials. You should always have a few assembled boxes, packing tape, a large marker, scissors, bubble wrap, and your checklist handy. Keep these things together to make things easier during the process – find a small bowl or plastic box to keep the loose items in and carry that throughout your home as you pack.

Organization: A key to maintaining well-packed boxes is keeping your belongings organized – meaning, plan ahead for which items will be packed together. Sometimes, it doesn’t always make sense to put everything from the kitchen in boxes together, because you must take into account the weight of the items. Typically, pots and pans, plates, silverware, and other kitchen necessities are quite heavy. Make it easier on yourself for the unloading phase of things and plan on packing heavy items in smaller boxes to ensure your box does not rip or tear in process (and it ensures the box can be lifted a bit easier).

Packing: Especially when it comes to breakable items, you can never have too much bubble wrap or protection inside the box. A key to always remember is that you need to fill the box. This does not mean you need to pack it full of your belongings and overfill and weigh down the box. The main thing to keep in mind is keeping the box safe when other heavy items are stacked on top of it. You want to ensure the top of the box will not collapse at all – and a great tool is using bubble wrap or extra towels to bulk up the inside of the box.

Take care of your belongings and keep things prepared, organized, and well packed. Use the resources provided by your local Denver moving company – Eden’s Moving Services to help address your specific needs and keep things on track for your move. Contact us to receive a free estimate, and learn more tips and advice like our 5 tips for making the most for your winter move to Denver and get on top of your move today!