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Denver Moving Professionals or that Friend Who Owns a Truck?

November 6, 2015

It’s time to move and you have a decision to make: Do you enlist the help of Denver moving professionals or hope the friend you have with a pickup truck isn’t already helping someone else move that weekend? Sometimes the choice is an easy one. If you’re moving from a small apartment in LoDo to a small apartment on Cap Hill, you could probably handle it in one or trips with the help of some friends and the promise of a pizza and some drinks. On the other hand, if you have more than the average recent college graduate, there are a few mitigating factors to consider when it comes time for the big move.
  • How Far Away is Your New Place? The further away you’re going, the more problems and higher likelihood of your move going from bad-to-worse. If you’re only going a couple of blocks, or less than a mile, you could probably handle a small to medium sized move on your own with the help of friends and family. However, if you’re coming from across state lines into colorful Colorado, or heading to the Denver area from elsewhere in the state, you may want to consider a local moving service to make sure your possessions and valuables receive the care they deserve. Tackling a big move on your own across greater distances is tough. Rental trucks require an immense amount of time and paperwork, and no matter how hard you try, there’s never enough boxes or packing supplies.
  • How Long Do You Have? If you have several days, or a three-to-four day weekend, you could take the time and make as many trips as necessary to get your belongings moved. Unfortunately, very few people have a considerable amount of extra time on their hands for such an undertaking. Procuring the help of moving professionals can be an enormous time-saver as opposed to friends or family with a truck. At Eden’s Moving, we can do in a matter of a couple of hours what would take you and a group of your friends all day to accomplish.
  • Trained Professionals vs. Willing Helpers: When it comes to moving a lot of stuff over larger distances, you may want to look at the specific skillset each of your friends and family members have. Naturally, you’ll want strong people capable of lifting heavy boxes without dropping them, and the ability to go up flights of stairs, maneuver in and out of elevators, and who know how to properly pack and unpack a truck. But, what about furniture? Dressers, nightstands, couches, sectionals, chairs, loveseats? What about artwork, and other fragile, non-uniform objects that can be damaged easily if not handled properly? What about bulky, heavy appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ovens? Large objects such as furniture and appliances through small doorways can also be a frightening proposition when faced with those not familiar with such difficult navigation. The larger and bulkier the items are, the more difficult they’re going to be when trying to get them through several small doors and tight spaces.

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