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Announce Your Move - 3 Ways to Move to Denver in Style

Maybe you’ve lived in your home for years, or maybe you’ve been in your apartment for only a few months, but chances are in either case - people you know have your address. With so many people moving to Denver, some may not realize that it is important to keep those they love (and perhaps would like to have visit them) in the loop with the correct information for their whereabouts. Rather than worry about this on a case-by-case basis, take full advantage of the fun to be had, and make an announcement of your move. Instead of treating it like a chore - make it an exciting new chapter in your life. Here are three ways to announce your move to your friends and family - and have a little fun in the process:
  1. Cards or Letters via snail mail: These days, it is an occurrence few and far between that we receive a parcel in the mail that is not an advertisement or a bill. It is always exciting to get something personal and hand-prepared, and sending out your moving announcement in the post would feel like a personal and thoughtful gesture by your loved ones.
  2. Host a Party: Although many of your relatives or friends might not live near you - a simple online invitation or social media invitation to a going away or move-in party is a great way to make a record of your new address. This way, it is accessible by anyone later on, even if they weren't able to attend. Hosting a get-together in your new home could be a fantastic way to give everyone a “first-look” before you really unpack and making clean up easier.
  3. Record a Video: This option for announcing your move allows for true creativity. You might combine you video with nostalgic home movies to reminisce of your life in that home, or you might recant the story of your time there - regardless, making a personalized video about your next chapter would be entertaining for all of your loved ones to see - while filling them in on the details of your new address.
Sometimes dreaded tasks just need to be thought about in a different way - and even if you are dreading your move, you can spark a bit of excitement in yourself and your friends by making an announcement. Get yourself organized and on top of things by hiring a trusted mover in your area. Get more advice from Eden’s Moving Services, like our three easy ways to promote your yard sale before moving.