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Tips for Moving with Your Furry Friends

As stressful as moving is for you and your family, it can be even more of an ordeal for your pets, especially if they are used to a more structured daily routine. Make sure you keep them in mind when planning your upcoming long distance move. Use these tips to help keep your pets comfortable and calm during a long distance move.Stick to the routine as close as possible: feed your pets the same food at approximately the same time as you would on a normal day to prevent confusion and additional nausea they could experience in the car.
  • Take along any medications your pet needs, as well as their medical history documents.
  • Make sure to stop often (at least every couple of hours) to let your pets get out and get exercise and go to the bathroom.
  • If your move will take more than a day, research pet-friendly hotels to stay the night in along the way.
  • Don't EVER leave your furry friends in a hot car unattended, even if it is for just a few minutes!
  • Do your research and find a new veterinarian to take your pets near their new home.