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Denver Moving Company Explains How to Keep Cats Calm During the Drive to Your New Home

February 6, 2019

Your pets are a part of your family. And when you’re moving, you want to reduce the amount of stress they experience as much as possible. While dogs are relatively simple to take care of and actually enjoy the drive to your new home, cats are far less comfortable in the car. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your cat comfortable after your Colorado moving company packs up your house. 

Get the Right Carrier
Pet carriers can be as simple as disposable cardboard boxes, but the simpler carriers are not always the best option for picky cats. You want your cat to feel as comfortable as possible and a bare-bones cardboard carrier won’t make them feel at ease. Instead, look for a hard-sided cat carrier that’s comfortable yet easy to clean. If you choose a standard plastic carrier, put a soft towel or blanket in the bottom to give your cat a comfortable seat for the drive. You can also put a few of their favorite toys inside. This helps the carrier smell familiar and makes it less scary. 

Get Your Cat Used to the Carrier Ahead of Time
Few cats love new environments and a never-before-used carrier definitely qualifies. A few weeks before your move, start getting your cat used to the carrier. Put it in an area your where your cat likes to hang out. They’re curious and will investigate the carrier on their own. Use treats and toys to lure them inside and show them that the carrier is nothing to be afraid of. This will make a huge difference when you’re ready to hit the road. 

Go on Practice Drives
Just as you’ll want to get your cat used to the carrier, you’ll also want to get them used to riding in the car. Start by sitting in the car with your cat in its carrier while you’re parked. Once they get used to being in the car, start taking short practice drives. These can be short five-minute trips around the block. The more drives they go on, the more relaxed they’ll be on moving day.

Keep a Litterbox in the Car
Even if you’re only driving for a few hours, your cat will likely need to use the litterbox on the drive. Instead of pushing things and waiting until you reach your new home, pack a litterbox for the drive. Pull off at rest stops and let your cat out to use the litterbox when you stop. Just make sure they’re supervised. The last thing you want is for a nervous cat to leap out an open door when your family is getting back in the car.

Keeping your pets safe and happy during a move can be tough. But it’s even harder if you’re packing and driving everything yourself. Save yourself the stress and let our dedicated moving experts pack, load, drive, and unload everything for you. We’ll make sure your move goes off without a hitch whether you’re moving across the city or out-of-state.