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What to Expect from a Full-Service Colorado Moving Company

January 16, 2019

Moving is hectic no matter how many times you’ve done it in the past or what season you’re moving in. There’s the entire house to pack, a new neighborhood to learn, and stuff to sell. While it is possible to move to a new home on your own, you don’t have to. Hiring an experienced moving company can help take much of the stress and strain out of the process. If you’ve never worked with a team of movers before or have solely relied on rental trucks and friends in the past, you probably don’t know what to expect. Here are a few of the tasks that your movers will take care of so you can take care of day-to-day tasks that still need to be handled during the move. 

Packing Up Your Home

When you hire an experienced moving company, you’ll be able to let the pros pack up your belongings. They know the best way to protect your items in transit and will take care to pack each box appropriately. This includes wrapping fragile items, packing things room by room, and making sure your belongings are as organized as possible. If you have items that you’d rather pack yourself, you’re free to do so. Just try to pack them or set them aside before the movers arrive to your home. This way they won’t end up in a box by accident. 

All the Heavy Lifting

Moving furniture is tough, especially when it’s a large and heavy piece. Worse, if you’re not used to it, handling all that weight can lead to severe injuries and muscle strain. When you work with a professional moving company, you’ll spare yourself the heavy lifting both when loading and unloading the truck. They’ll handle everything from carrying boxes to disassembling and moving your furniture so you can stop worrying about being sore during your first week at your new home. 

Providing the Materials

A full-service moving company will be able to provide you with the moving boxes, tape, dollies, blankets, and padding. All you need to do is ask. Keep in mind that these items will be an additional charge. If you’re planning on doing even a portion of your own packing, it may be beneficial to look for free boxes or pick up your own packing materials elsewhere. 

Driving the Truck

If you’ve never driven anything larger than a commuter car, driving a large moving van or truck can feel daunting. Worse, your car insurance policy may not always cover the rental and you’ll have to pay for extra insurance in case any accidents happen on the road. By hiring a moving company, you’ll avoid having to drive anything more than your normal car. The movers will handle the drive and navigate through heavy traffic situations with ease. This keeps both you and your belongings safer on the drive to your new home. 

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