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5 Things You Don’t Need to Move to Your New Home

October 31, 2018

When you’re packing up the house to move to a new home, it’s always tempting to take everything from your old house with you. Everyone has items they love even if they’re not entirely practical. However, there are always some items that just shouldn’t make the move. Here are a few items that should be hauled away or donated before your local movers arrive to load the truck.

Worn-Out Sheets and Towels

Moving is the perfect time to upgrade your towels and sheets, especially if you’ve had the same sets for years. Use the old and worn-out linens to pad fragile items or cover furniture to protect it from scratches. Once you’re in the new home, donate the linens that are still useable and throw away the ones that aren’t. Remember, if a towel or sheet looks threadbare, you can still donate it to an animal shelter like the Denver Dumb Friend’s League.

Low-Quality Furniture

We all have low-quality furniture that works, but might not be worth saving when you move. In fact, it may actually cost you more to move the pieces than it would to buy new replacements. Instead of hauling it to your new home, get rid of it. Find a friend that could use the item or put it up for sale online. Once it’s gone, you can consider replacing it with a similarly priced version or upgrade to nicer furniture. 

Craft Supplies

If you’re like most people, you have a storage bin filled with unused craft supplies that haven’t seen the light of day in well over a year. If you have no immediate plans to use the stuff, let it go. That same untouched bin will likely just take up space in your new house—space that could be better used to hold out-of-season clothes, decorations, and other items that you actually use. 

Sample-Sized Toiletries

When you’re starting to pack up, take a look at your medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers. Old toiletries and shampoo samples don’t need to make the move. If you have a bunch of hotel soaps and unopened samples, consider donating them to a local charities. The Ronald McDonald House in Denver is happy to accept these items for the families that stay with them. 


Candles can make any room feel cozy and warm, but it’s best to use them at your old home rather than letting your movers take them in the truck. Most trucks are not climate-controlled and, if the moving company is willing to transport flammable items, they’re likely to warp in transit anyway. If you must move with them, consider transporting them in your vehicle. 

Getting rid of these items before your local move will make the process simpler and cheaper. When you’re packing up your space, make sure you give yourself enough time to declutter and get rid of junk. It can be tough to separate out items when you’re emotionally attached to them, but starting a month or two before your planned move will give you enough time to process the junk and clutter completely. This way, you’ll be ready for the movers before they arrive.