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Denver Movers Share Tips on What to Wear For Moving Day

August 8, 2018

You’ve got everything packed up, your Colorado moving company arrives in the morning to load the truck, and you’re ready to get settled into your new home. All that’s left is planning out what to wear while driving and unpacking boxes at the new place. Believe it or not, the clothes you choose to wear can make all the difference in how comfortable moving day is. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking your moving day wardrobe.

Stick to Sneakers

Though sandals may be the footwear of choice on warm summer days, they’re not ideal for moving day. You’ll want protection for your toes and decent support to help you lift heavy boxes without straining your muscles. Pick a pair of your old and beat-up tennis shoes or hiking boots and plan to wear them all day. This way, you’ll be sure footed and reduce your risk of injury while you get settled in. If you don’t have sneakers, wear a pair of closed-toe shoes. Dress shoes will work in a pinch, but take care on wet or slippery floors.

Layer Up

Cardboard boxes have some pretty sharp edges that can take a toll on your forearms. While you’re moving and carrying boxes, wearing long sleeves can help eliminate skin irritation and scratches on your arms. Instead of picking a long sleeve t-shirt and preparing yourself to stay warm all day, layer up. Wear a light cotton jacket or t-shirt over a short sleeve shirt. This way, you can remove the long sleeves when you’re done carrying boxes and stay cool while you unpack.

Don’t Skimp on Sun Protection

Even if you’ve hired a professional moving team to transport your belongings, you’ll still be wandering in and out of the new house throughout the day. In Colorado, the relatively high altitude and minimal atmosphere can lead to sunburn after only a short time in the sun. While you’re getting ready for moving day, take the time to put on plenty of sunblock. If you know it’s going to be particularly warm or think you’ll be sweating heavily during the move, look for a waterproof or sweat-proof sunblock. This way, you’ll have to reapply less frequently can focus on getting settled in rather than nursing tender and sun damaged skin.

Choose Items You’re Okay Parting With

When moving day comes along, your clothes will likely get dirty or torn throughout the day. Rather than wearing your favorite shirt or pants and risking damaging them beyond repair, pick clothes you’re okay getting rid of. Those jeans that turned pink in the wash or that shirt that got bleached by accident are ideal. Once you’re done, you can throw them out or toss them in the wash without feeling guilty about how beaten up they got during the move.

Moving can be tough, but you don’t have to handle the transition on your own. At Eden’s Moving and Storage services, our experienced team is ready to help you with your upcoming move. Whether you hate packing or simply need a bit of help moving larger items to your new house, we’re here and ready to get the job done right. Contact us today for a free estimate.