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Colorado Moving Tips for Families With Small Children

August 1, 2018

Moving to a new home can be tough, but when you have small kids to look after, the process can be even more difficult. While it’s still important to work with experienced Colorado movers, keeping your kids safe throughout the move can be a challenge. Here are a few simple tips to help you manage the stress of the move without worrying about your kids and their safety.

Make Sure Your Kids Understand What’s Happening

The unknown can be especially confusing and challenging for young kids. While the thought of talking to them about the upcoming move may not be the most appealing thing in the world, it will help make the relocation process simpler. Before you start packing up their belongings, make sure they understand that they’ll be moving to a new house. If they have concerns, take the time to address them and explain why moving to a new home won’t be as difficult as they imagine. There’s the opportunity to make new friends, find new hangout spots, and experience new things—all of which can be exciting.

Help Them Pack a Must-Have Bag

When moving, it’s easy to fall into the trap of packing everything in the house. While this may seem useful on the surface, it can quickly lead to more stress. Instead of packing up all of your kids’ toys, ask them to pick out a few must-have items. If there’s a particular favorite that you know of, set it aside. If not, ask them to pick out a few of their favorite items to keep in their backpack during the move. This way, if they start to feel overwhelmed, they’ll have the items they deem most important within arm’s reach.

Book a Playdate on Moving Day

While getting your child settled into their new home is important, keeping them safe while the moving crew is handling the packing and loading is far more beneficial. Rather than letting them watch the movers work, consider letting them spend the day with a friend or relative. This will help distract them from the process and keep them out of the way when the movers are lifting the heavier items like furniture and large boxes. The less underfoot kids are, the safer they’ll be.

Get Them Involved

After the move, get your kids involved in the unpacking process. This will help them understand that the family only relocated and reassure many of their fears surrounding the relocation. Let them get settled into their own room and have them help unpack the family and living rooms. Once everything is unloaded, they’ll know precisely where to find it, making the new house feel like home more quickly.

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