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Colorado Movers Share 4 Important Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Moving in Together

July 23, 2018

Moving in with your significant other is an important step in the relationship. However, if you’ve been on your own for a number of years, transitioning into a shared home with anyone can be a real challenge. Before you contact a Denver moving company to help you pack up your belongings, you’ll need to make sure it’s the right decision for both of you. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask your significant other before taking the leap and moving in together.

Why are you moving in together?

For most couples, the answer is simple: to be closer and spend more time together. However, others use the opportunity for other reasons. Some may see it as a way to reduce rent costs while others may only want additional help around the house. Before you take the leap, make sure you’re both on the same page. If your reasons for moving in together are not the same, take a look at why. If you’re okay with the difference, the situation will likely be fine. But if you’re at odds with your significant other’s reasons, it may be best to hold off.

Do your schedules line up?

Night owls and morning people can live together in harmony, but for some couples, the transition might be a bit more abrupt. Have an honest conversation about your preferred schedule and make sure you’re both prepared to deal with any differences. For example, if you wake up early in the morning and get ready to loud music, your night-owl partner needs to be aware of your habits.

How will your bills be paid?

When you’re living on your own, all bills and living expenses are your responsibility. However, if you move in with your significant other, those expenses easily become intertwined. Rather than waiting until the first round of bills makes it to your home, have a discussion about how the bills will be paid. Will you split the cost evenly or have cover one utility while your partner covers another? Before you commit to sharing a home, make sure you know who is responsible for paying each expense and how you plan on keeping things even.

Who is responsible for which chores?

Though no one likes doing the dishes or keeping up with the housework, it’s still an important part of maintaining your home. Before you agree to move in, make sure you understand how chores will be divvied up. If you hate doing laundry and your partner loathes doing dishes, compromise and take on the chores that are more appealing to each of you. Never assume that your partner will take care of a task simply because you don’t like doing it. You need to communicate your preferences and your concerns so the two of you can reach an agreement.

If you and your significant other are in agreement and ready to move forward with your relationship, moving in together is the next logical option. Rather than handling the move yourself, let an experienced moving company handle the packing, loading, and delivery for you. At Eden’s Moving Services, we’ll treat your belongings as if they were our own. Contact Eden's Moving Company today for a free estimate.