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3 Tips for Paring Down Your Move

Moving can be made much easier by paring down the things you already have – reducing the volume of boxes to pack can help ease your move in process of unpacking as well. Here are 3 tips from Eden’s Moving Denver to consider when planning your next move and paring down:

6 to 9 Months Test: if there is something you know you haven’t used/worn/seen in about 6 to 9 months, you probably don’t need it. Some things are a little different, like entertaining items or specific small cooking appliances, but overall, this can determine a large group of things you can donate, recycle, or repurpose.

Don’t Pack All Clothing: it can be easy to take drawers one by one and toss them in a box or bag, but resist the desire to do this. Clothes can be heavy, cumbersome bags/boxes to move and reducing that is a great start to paring down the rest of your home. Your Denver moving company will be able to pack and load your clothes easier.

Little By Little: chip away at your “give-away” list by taking things slow. Make note of the rooms/areas you have addressed and just do one thing at a time. Compile all your items in a box little by little and eventually you will have a full box (or maybe a few) to take to donate before moving in Denver.