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The 4 Best Tips For Packing Electronics

No matter the home, these days everyone has some sort of collection of electronics. Typically people will have a setup prior to a move that they will have to re-organize and figure out how to re-install. Your Denver movers offer the best tips when getting your electronics ready for your move.

Label Cords: Although it might seem silly to do so, labeling cords can save you some time when re-installing your systems. If your television area houses a power strip with multiple gaming, movie, or DVR systems plugged in, chances are the cords will be removed from the devices and end up creating some confusion later. Take some masking tape and a sharpie to the ends of those cords and save yourself some frustration.

Band Together: Large sized rubber bands are available at very low cost in large quantities. Get a box to use on all of your electronics. Take each system, wrap the cords up and fasten on themselves, then band them all together (remote or controllers included). Your Denver moving company knows that the last thing you want to deal with after a move is matching cords and struggling to hook up your comforts.

Wrap it Up: Make sure that you keep your electronics safe by bubble-wrapping everything. Place them in the box and fill all extra space with additional bubble wrap. When you have loaded everything in the box, be sure to write arrows and “this side up” on the box to keep it from being flipped over and potentially harmed.

Contact your local moving company for more information and advice for keeping your electronics safe during your move.