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3 Organization Tips for Packing and Moving in Denver

While it never seems like as much work as it actually is, moving can test your organizational skills and cause you to lose things you care about. Eden’s Moving has some tips to consider to keep your things in order during your Denver move.
  • Start early: when you begin packing for your move, consider the amount of time it takes just to organize and pack one room. Sometimes it is worth starting several months in advance to sift through items you can toss out. It makes the job easier for your Denver movers as well.
  • Utilize supplies: Using things that you normally wouldn’t think of as packing materials can keep boxes and bags to a minimum. When packing any fragile items, wrap them in pillows, blankets, or towels to provide the padding you need and eliminate extra effects for your moving company to pack up later.
  • Take advantage of empty luggage: if you have sturdy luggage or large duffel bags, use them to pack personal belongings like clothes, shoes, or small appliances. When your movers have durable and easy to transport items, it makes their loading and unloading that much easier and smoother.
As always, take advantage of your Denver moving company’s experience and expertise – ask them for advice, or better yet, have them do the packing for you!