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Moving Survival Guide: Tools & Essentials

Organization is a major aspect of keeping your sanity when making a big move. Whether moving in Denver or outside, keep in mind (and on hand) a few items to make your life and transition that much easier. They might seem obvious, but keeping the following items together and available will keep you moving forward and organized:
  • Plastic box: Keep a small plastic box handy with the tools and needed items for packing that follow
  • Sharpie: Get yourself a new sharpie – one of the big ones, preferably two. Keep these in your plastic box at all times – do not set it down on the floor, the table, or the desk when you finish labeling a box
  • Packing tape: if you can get a tape gun, even better – but get in the habit of folding over a corner of your tape roll after each box is closed
  • Moving notebook and pen: Details, details, details. Label the box, then list its contents in your handy moving notebook – you will be thankful you have it once you start wondering where a certain something is after moving in Denver.
  • Tools: to keep up with what is needed during your packing process, keep a hammer, scissors, box cutter, screwdriver (both flathead and phillips), and material for patching walls. This will allow you to tackle hanging wall items, remove nails and screws to pack shelving, and take apart furniture if necessary.
Contact your Denver moving company for more tips on moving survival!