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Packing Fragile Items – 3 Tips

When packing for a major move, it is difficult to resist the urge to get it over with a pack things without care. If you make sure you take the time necessary to properly pack, you will eliminate the heartbreak of broken items and issues when you arrive in your new home. Your movers in Denver can advise you of the best ways to pack your fragile items, and here are 3 top tips to remember:
  1. Cushion: Of course wrapping each item in cushioning like paper, bubble wrap, or foam is an easy step to remember, but what about when you put it into the box? Make sure you are providing a safe and cushioned area in your box before placing your fragile items inside. Be aware of the sides of the box as well.
  2. Fill All Space: Along the same lines as providing cushion for your fragile items, make sure to fill your boxes with packing supplies. Your Denver movers will have to transport boxes into the truck – take measures to be sure that none of your valuables will move around and potentially be broken in transit.
  3. Instruct: Moving companies in Denver pay attention to what they are handling – and labeling your fragile items is very important. Plainly write “fragile” on these boxes as well as an arrow to instruct the direction it should be placed.
Get other moving tips and contact your Denver movers to get the packing done for you!