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Another Satisfied Customer Testimony!

Another Satisfied Customer Testimony! This time for one of our reps in Cincinnati, Krystal: 

I just wanted to take a moment to express to you my gratitude regarding my daughter's move to Baltimore. It was such a smooth transition thanks in large part to your direction and continued customer service. We arrived in Baltimore on 12/28 and took possession of her apartment the morning of the 29th. We rented a uhaul and headed to Ikea to pick up everything she needed that was not on the moving truck. Spent the entire day there, stuffing the UHaul to the brim and then the two of us unloaded everything. We spent the next 2 days putting it all together between trips to Target and Walmart. New years eve, just as we finished getting everything together we received a call from the movers that they would be arriving on the 2nd between 3 and 7pm. I was able to switch my flight home and be there for the movers arrival. I was very grateful that I didn't have to put any more furniture together. They set everything up for us. We then unpacked boxes all night and I left for California on the 3rd knowing that she had everything she needed, everything was put away, everything arrived and nothing was damaged. It truly could not have been a smoother transition.
Thank you,
Molly Gallo"